Higher One fees not a big deal

Mary Simkins and Mary Simkins

Like everything else these days, financial aid has gone digital and of course, plastic.

Financial aid has also partnered up with Mastercard to create the Higher One card for students who qualify to use and receive their refund money as opposed to the “old school” checks students used to receive from the state government.

Yes, the card has fees. Yes, it’s inconvenient. And yes, everyone is complaining about it. Get over it. It’s free money from the state government that can help pay for school.

Its not like those complaining are illiterate and can’t go on the Higher One website to read what the fees are prior to using the card. Not only does Higher One provide a very easy to read “fee scale”, but next to every fee it gives a way to avoid that fee.

Instead of complaining that the fee exists, why don’t you people just read the list over and watch the cute little videos on the website, which are actually very informative.

Okay, not everyone is complaining about the fees tacked onto the Higher One card, but those complaining need to take a step back and realize that it could be worse. Maybe you would actually have to “pay” for college out of your own pocket like the rest of us.

There are some hidden fees which Higher One is dealing with right now in court, but to complain about the fees that are staring you in the face on the website is just plain spoiled and irresponsible.

Students already have their free money, instead of complaining about a “foreign ATM fee” thats 50 cents, drive a little further down the street, like you do when you want to find your actual bank’s ATM machines, to a Higher One ATM and then complain about how much gas you wasted instead.

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