Summer school being cut can bring some positives

Carlos Mariscal and Carlos Mariscal

As many students don’t know yet, Cerritos College will be cutting the summer session beginning summer of 2013.

While many students may be outraged at the fact that summer session is being shut down, it may not be such a bad thing.

With the recent budget cuts, we’ve all struggled to get courses needed in order to reach our academic goals.

We’ve also seen how crowded a classroom can get with students trying to add a particular class. It could get a bit frustrating at times.

Many students get turned away and are forced to wait another opportunity to re-attempt to take a class.

How can the summer session being shut down help this problem?

Summer session could be quite difficult with the workload of a six-week course, a workload that can stress a student out and fall behind forcing them to drop the course.

Cutting the summer session could eliminate that problem and open up more courses for the fall and spring semesters giving students a more manageable workload, as the semester is 18 weeks rather than six.

Opening up a couple of extra courses a semester means more room to get students into classes, which can be a huge stress reliever for most students who have struggled semester after semester to add a course they may need.

Cutting the summer session could also help funding for school wide programs such as, sports programs, Talon Marks, cosmetology, and possibly even help bring back the WPMD radio station.

While many students may be disappointed with the decision of the summer session being shut down due to budget cuts, there are some positives that can be considered in the long run.