What parts of Halloween scares you the most?

What parts of Halloween scares you the most?

1.) Monica Monroy, Psychology major

“The fact that when I take out my brothers and sisters… that we don’t get run over.”

  1. Karla Colocho, Nursing major

“Walking around trick or treating with my little nephew and someone just jumping out of nowhere.”

3.) Jinyoung jaung, Nursing major

“The part that scares me the most is horror movies because I get scared easily.”

4.) Mario Guitterez, Music major

“The rapist around the neighborhood and the people who poison the candy for the kids.”

5.) Michael Romine, Accounting major

“Honestly the whole jump out and getting scared, the whole atmosphere in general.”

6.) Christina Cobarrubias, Animation major

“When people purposely try to scare me, its fun but not at the moment.”