Evolution of teaching

Jonathan Garza and Jonathan Garza

Cerritos College is evolving every day along with technology brings a perfect opportunity for students to learn in creative ways.

Do you remember the days when green boards, black boards, markers and chalk were in use in a classroom?

But they’re just yesterday news.

It’s a great thing for students too that chalk and markers are gone.

Who didn’t have a teacher with poor writing skills? How about the one who would say: “I’m not an artist, but here’s my attempt at the drawing.”

Now with the innovation of PowerPoint and even Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, teachers can fine tune their renditions, and create a lesson plan that’s easy to follow from any seat in the classroom.

Best of all about technology, there is a save button.

Which chalkboard allowed you to use your time wisely? When could you save your work for the next lesson?

It was impossible.

Books are nice, teachers, but online innovation is key.

Paperwork piles up. It gets messy, and let’s face it: nine-out-of-10 students are going to misplace their assignments.

Instead, utilize technologies such as cloud networks.

This beautiful invention not only allows your lesson plan to be reached from any active internet connection in the world, but it’s indestructible.

Today students fill the classrooms with clunky laptops. But tomorrow and beyond it’s going to be tablets.

Most students have tablets, and while they can be a distraction in the classroom to every student, it’s also a tool that will help students succeed at all costs.

Cerritos College has recently expanded its Wi-Fi coverage, which means that students can walk anywhere on campus and continue to study.

Say goodbye to overcrowded libraries and study areas.

Instead, be glad that your students are taking that extra step and making the effort to better themselves by overachieving in your classroom, and out of it.

Take it upon yourselves to make use of the technology, creating content for use with mobile devices, and even assigning tests online.

Students will be much more grateful.

One thing for sure, they won’t be falling asleep in class throughout a long, boring lecture.

Instead, they will have something to look forward to. Perhaps even something to further challenge them outside the classroom.

Work smarter, not harder, right?

By innovating technology you’re allowing students to do things on their own pace, and time.

They hold their own destiny. After all, it is college. He who doesn’t want to better himself will allow for his grade to flounder.

That will only result in the student dropping the class.

But for those that choose to take full advantage of the newfound help, it will be an example of why they are attaining the best education their money can provide for them.