If a millionaire were to give you $10 million to help society, what would you spend it on?

Adrian Rios (Exercise science major)

  • “I would give it to the schools because of all the budget cuts and also to fix the streets (in LA) because they’re really messed up.”

Mandy Rios (Business administrations major)

  • “I would probably make an amusement park for autistic kids and raise money to help them. Oh and to paying teachers more.”

George Rivera (architecture major)

  • “I go to church so probably church. I was just donate it to the church as charity.”

Cindy Phan (Undecided major)

  • “Oh that’s easy, education. Education and saving programs because I know a lot of art programs have been cut.”

Viviana Ramirez (Music major)

  • “Probably kids that are in orphanages and stuff because I know that they probably don’t get good foods. Because homeless people are already adults but I think kids are the future and they deserve it.”

Angel Hernandez (Psychology major)

  • “I would help community colleges because I know they really need the money and that’s very important because students are struggling all over. I would give all the money to that because the students really need the money.”