What concerns do you have that the ASCC president would want to address?

Albert Villarreal (Engineering major)

-There are people here who are here all day and they don’t really get a chance to go out and eat something healthy.”

Susana Valladolid (Liberal arts major)

-“Just the improvement that they might make for us students, improvements on the school.”

Brenna Varney (Human services major)

-“Make sure the students actually know exactly where everything is, like where to go find careers. Where the career services is and just where everything actually is.”

Xavier Valenzia (Political science major)

-“Our money, where is it going? Is it going straight to classroom? Are the trustees getting half of it? What about the administrators. In other words that’s the one thing I’m curious about where is all this money going?”

Daisy Rugamas (Art and design major)

-“I think everyone is concerned with class fees.”

Veronica Gonzalez (Animal health science major)

-“I really don’t know what to say about this. Everything seems to be okay here.”