That’s what we said: Opinion blog for week of 8/26


Students should learn about school services

With school still fresh to many students everyone needs to be aware of what help Cerritos College has available for them. All it takes is a trip to Student Services, the Counseling Office, or Career Services Center. An appointment might be needed, but it’s the first step to getting the answers to some of your questions that might be unanswered.

The greed of a bookstore can drive students away

Why keep going to the bookstore if you can get the same book for a lot cheaper online? The campus bookstore is at the school to help us get the tools that we need to transfer to a university or start our careers. The least that can be done is price matching competitors prices to encourage students that the cost of getting your books isn’t as bad as it seems.

Being a community college student is not a let down

Community college gives students the opportunity to go to college for a fraction of what universities charge. Although it might take more time than going straight to a university, it gives you a chance to get your education as well as maintaining a job and having a social life. All it takes is passing your classes so you can enroll sooner and get the classes that you really need to transfer.