That’s what we said: College is still worth it

The minority should not be the majority

Cerritos College is a Hispanic prominent school, but that doesn’t mean that its ethnic makeup should be the sole focus or theme of the college. This could make students from other races feel as if they are not as important. No group or race is better than the next and the student body should be treated as a whole.

Zombies are overrated

Zombies were cool in the beginning, but has gotten out of hand. There are zombies everywhere you look and organizations that’s only job is to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. The zombie trend needs to fade so people won’t take it so seriously.

Unsatisfied by ‘Satisfries’

Burger King has a new product that is suppose to be healthier than it’s regular fries. However, having healthier options as a separate item is not enough. Changing the ingredients or having healthier cooking methods would be a giant step toward stopping obesity in America.

Pay more and receive

Classes will be taken more seriously with the law being passed that makes high demand classes be more expensive at some community colleges. If you are forces to pay more based on demand of the class, then there will be more people on focused on passing the class the first time. This will help with transferring as well as keeping people from dropping half way into the semester.

The dream that won’t die

Although the value of a college degree seems to be dwindling, going in with a plan is the best plan for success. Knowing what you want to do with help you get in, get out and allow you to start your career as soon as possible. Take advantage of the resources that are available to you such as internships and talking to people that have worked in the field that you are trying to get into.

FSZ: importance of a college degree

Students of Cerritos College shared what they think is the importance of a college degree.