FSZ: Why do you think so many people drive while distracted?

Photo Credit: Maria Lopez

1. Jessica Ponze, child development major

Jessica Ponze.jpg

“Their phones mainly, they hear their phones go off or like a text message, they just automatically think ‘I have to get that.’ I know some friends when I’m driving with them I take away their phones just so I can read their message for them just so they could be focused”

2. Ruby Zepeda – psychology major


“There’s way more, for instance, text messages compared to many years ago when people started driving. I think phones have a giant contribution but not entierly phones.”

3. Diego Salazar, undecided major


“They believe it’s more important to text back or talk back to the person that’s texting them instead of focusing on when they’re driving and just looking at the road in general.”

4. Daiham Kim, global Studies major

Dailhan Kim

“I think cellphones are apart of the culture, with out it I can’t do anything.”

5. Tiana Rosas, undecided major

Tiana Rosas

” It became a habit, we can’t let go of our phones. We have to be on our phone every minute.”

6. Cynthia Ascencio, biology major

Cynthia Acencio

“All the social networks have become so popular, I think that a lot of people want that attention.”

7. Jacqueline Maza, child development major

Jacqueline Maza.jpg

“I believe it’s because people are so used to technology, they’re so used to it and they don’t really care what’s going to happen. They just focus on what’s important on their phone, their network, social media and all that stuff.”

8. Christofer Bracamontes – civil engineer major


“Because responsibility is fault, it hits everyone and you’re just caught at a moment and then you’re thinking while you’re driving.”