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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Is it a bird, is it a plane? Nope

This is Editor-in-Chief Denny Cristales with a message for all those seeking to be informed.

For some time, we here at Talon Marks have been in the possession of a drone.

Its primary and sole use is for taking video and pictures through the use of a GoPro camera.

Now, now – before you start going all haywire and start spewing out the whole invasion-of-rights and the whole completely-ridiculous-but-totally-true argument that we’re spying on our own school; (That’s sarcasm.) relax.

No, this thing doesn’t shoot bullets; the sucker’s not armed. (How cool would that be?)

Hearing the word “drone” instills a sense of uneasiness and tension, no doubt. (From here on out, we’re going to use the term “aerial copter.” Can you tell that I’m writing this with a gun pointed to my head? I mean – what?) This is a word that’s been practically wired into our brains to be synonymous with words like “surveillance,” or perhaps even “terrorism.”

Let me be the first to tell you – the aerial copter’s purpose is to help inform the public – that would be you, the student; also, our community members and faculty of Cerritos College – about news in a more dynamic and colorful way.

This is not an abuse of power. This is not an invasion of privacy. And I’m here telling you this before someone else becomes a witness to this device and exaggerates its functions and use.

We’re not terrorists. We’re not “Big Brother.” You want to talk about that loony stuff, go read some guy’s blog that he writes from his mother’s basement.

We’re a student newspaper trying our damn hardest to be the best that we can be and providing you valuable information about your community.

And, oh, we’re not the only newspaper doing this, folks. Newspapers all over the state – hell; the country – our utilizing the resources of the aerial copter.

Think of all the cool shots we can have of football games or all kinds of sports; or maybe we can get a nice view of the entire campus; what if we were even able to go Channel 4 on you and get a live stream of a high-speed chase? (You think I’m kidding.)

Don’t be a cynic. This is so awesome. So, let’s have some fun with it, shall we?

The aerial copter is a way of being more widespread with our journalistic endeavors, and, as a result, having you, the consumer, being more widespread in your thinking and your knowledge within the Cerritos College community.

So, don’t fret or worry. When you see that aerial copter in the sky, it’s simply a journalist doing his or her job.

Just do me a favor – When you see it up there, don’t freaking throw things at it. Thanks.


How long does the aerial copter last?

The aerial copter runs for 15 minutes when fully charged. To be safe, we’d take it down from the sky by the 12 minute mark, or so.

Is the aerial copter an affiliate of the Campus Police Department?

No. But we did seek the police department’s seal of approval before we got the aerial copter up and operational.

Do the higher-ups of the college know Talon Marks is in possession of such a resource?

Yes. We actually had to ask for permission to use the aerial copter; and, in addition to that, the higher-ups are the reason we are even doing this whole FAQ in the first place. Go figure.

What are you going to be using the aerial copter for?

The aerial copter’s functions are to get aerial video-shots and pictures of any campus event we see fit. It will only be used for journalism purposes.

How can we request the use of the aerial copter?

The same way you request any other thing of Talon Marks – email us! Our email is [email protected], or drop by Fine Arts 42 and we’ll see what we can set up for you!

What’s the protocol for sports?

We will retain our respective distance when it comes to sports and make sure we do not interfere with the game. Beforehand, we will ask the permission of the athletic director and dean.

If for some obscene reason it is lost, where can we return it?

Fine Arts 42. Thank you.

What’s its name?

The Talon seems to be an appropriate name for now. It’s not final by any means. (This is absolutely an example of the Editor-in-Chief being a tyrant.)

Rejected names include:

  • The Talon Copter
  • The Walter
  • The Hammerwold
  • Mr. Cam-Copter
  • The Falcon
  • The Edquist Mobile
  • The Mr. Denny Mach-5
  • The Talon Plane
  • The Marks Flyer
  • Quad Mobile
  • Drone-y
  • Freddie
  • The Flying Hammer
  • The Hammer-One
  • The Falcon-One
  • The Fly-by

Can we name it?

Sure. Just:

  • Email us your choice at [email protected].
  • Tweet us at @TalonMarks.
  • Facebook is Talon Marks News and Talon Marks.

(We never promised we’d use it, though.)


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About the Contributor
Denny Cristales
Denny Cristales, Editor-in-Chief
Fall 2014

The Big Cheese! I am the Editor-in-Chief Denny Cristales. Just your average, mild-mannered pupusa lover who covers news. I’m not one of those jerks who would ramble on and on about what they do - such as being a former Sports and News Editor, in addition to earning third place at the CCMAs for my sports page design - no, I won’t do that (My staff also conquered the LA Times in local breaking news coverage).  What I will do is tell you to look at talonmarks.com and admire the work we do.

Also, talk to me on Twitter: @Den_Crist , or email me: . I embrace the criticism (Also, I get lonely).

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Is it a bird, is it a plane? Nope