Do you have a dog in this National Dog Day?

Arielle Martinez

Cassandra Sandoval_Bianca Salgado.jpg

Cassandra Sandoval, communication disorders major, said, “Yes, I heard it on Ryan Seacrest. I have four dogs: a yellow lab, a cocker spaniel and two small fluffy doggies.”

Daniel Polanco_Bianca Salgado.jpg

Daniel Polanco, kinesiology major, said, “No, I don’t have any dogs, but I like dogs. I just read about it online. Instagram to be honest.”

Diego Perez_Bianca Salgado.jpg

Diego Perez, computer science major, said, “Yes. I heard about it on the news. I saw on Instagram the user posted a picture of Snoop Dogg’s (as a parody). I had a poodle, but we had to put him to sleep.”

Ahyleen Cisneros_Bianca Salgado.jpg

Ahyleen Cisneros, computer science major, said, “I like big dogs. Cho cho kinds are so cute!”

Jacqueline Nunez_Bianca Salgado.jpg

Jacqueline Nunez, biology major, said, “Yes. I don’t mind about it being it labeled as a national day. It’s a means of it being specific, I mean, for dogs.”

Christopher Campos_Bianca Salgado.jpg

Christopher Campos, music major, said, “I did not know. I like dogs. I do not own one. There are other days for other things that we do not really think are relevant.”