Nintendo films won’t hold up

Rob Flores, Staff Writer

Nintendo doesn’t have a chance at replicating the success Marvel and DC comics can achieve in the film industry.

Nintendo films would not achieve as much adult fans, at best Nintendo can tailor strictly to a child audience. In fact a reboot Super Mario Movie may help them out considering there are plenty of products with Super Mario.

Of course, the “Donkey Kong Country” franchise would be great for kids to see an animated film and reintroduce them to the SNES games.

The competition is tough because DC Comics dominates television and Marvel dominates the film industry producing more movies than DC.

Batman has been the only strong film franchise that DC has produced and you can tell they are sticking to what works by bringing Joker into the Suicide Squad film.

DC continues to milk the Batman brand for everything it’s worth, like the Gotham TV show just to compete with Marvel in some capacity.

If Nintendo is going to stand a chance in making a decent film and stand out they will have to stick to doing an animated film and just get an ensemble of celebrities to do voiceovers, so they can get any kind of appeal like the “Lego Movie” did.

After much success Marvel has had with their stand alone hero films they have had even more success teaming up each hero from all their films to make “The Avengers” film and suddenly DC feels they have to catch up by making a Justice League film.

If Nintendo were to make a non-animated film they may have success with “Metroid” and fans would love to finally see a female hero like Samus on the big screen considering that “Catwoman” and “Electra” were failures.

In order for Nintendo to truly succeed they would have to create a crossover film with another company such as Capcom because there were a lot of successful video games for the Super Nintendo console one of which was “Double Dragon” which deserves a reboot.

If Nintendo teams up with Capcom they could do a cross over film with Mega Man which could appear to kids who are Iron Man fans being that Mega Man is younger.

At best “Star Fox” is as close as Nintendo could get to create a film that resembles a multiple hero movie.

If Nintendo plays its cards right and has a decent script maybe “F-Zero X” can capture some of the elements from the “Fast and Furious” franchise, but it is a slim chance that could ever happen.