Knotts Scary Farm or Halloween Horror Nights?

Amber Phillips

Salvador Luna (2) -Bianca Salgado.jpg

Salvador Luna, engineering major, said, “I would rather go to Universal Studios Horror Nights because I’ve been there before. I haven’t been to Knott’s Scary Farm.”

Joseph Matthews (2) - Bianca Salgado.jpg

Joseph Matthews, dental hygiene major, said, “I think I would rather [go to] Horror Nights because the mazes are better than Knott’s Scary Farm and I’ve been there 2 or 3 times, but they also have scary mazes.”

Patricia Mendiola (2) - Bianca Salgado.jpg

Patricia Mendiola, business major, said, “Well I’ve never been to Universal, I heard it was fun. I’ve been to Knott’s once, but i would rather go to Universal Horror Nights.”

Josue Galvez (2) - Bianca Salgado.jpg

Josue Galvez, medical major, said, “I would rather go to Horror Nights because they have the best mazes and they are way better than Knott’s Scary Farm. Price has nothing to do with it, Horror Nights is just better.”

Paulette Teran (2) - Bianca Salgado.jpg

Paulette Teran, english major, said, “Horror Nights is where I would rather go because I’ve never been there. Knott’s I’ve been there before and for an extra scare you pay $15 for them to touch you and use fake pee and spank you with props.”