The benefits of social media

Alvaro Flores

Social media is a dominant force that has added new careers in the workforce.

Everything including businesses have always thrived on marketing and now social media is the way to stay on the radar.

In the past, print ads and television commercials were one of the few options to promote something.

Social media is the core population of individuals on the planet that keep up with changes in society because they are all connected.

There is a phrase you may have heard of in the past; “to succeed sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know.”

When one becomes an Internet sensation corporations take notice and approach those individuals for endorsement deals.

Take for example YouTube, it’s known by many as a website to post videos and keep a personal archive for many to see around the world.

Companies are more likely to hire an Internet star than an average person no matter how many degrees they have.

Remember that there comes a time where book smarts doesn’t always beat street smarts.

Companies realize that an Internet star already has a following and with social media you can track your demographic audience.

This saves the company’s time and can “piggy back” off the popularity of a social media icon.

Facebook is without a doubt the powerhouse of the social media world as celebrities have accounts to inform their fans.

Facebook or as its also abbreviated as FB has generated billions of dollars from its popularity and you constantly find ads.

The same can be said with Instagram which serves like a digital mobile photo album in which you can add photos.

It is a great tool to fit the attention span of the average individual who doesn’t read lengthy posts or watch long videos.

Instagram is also abbreviated as IG and is simple and apps like Instafollow allows you to monitor what people like about your account.

The app also informs you when someone follows, un-follows or blocks you which to some people is important to know if your content seems to lose viewers.

One can say IG is the perfect platform for models to share their photos which then allows them to promote the photographers’ work.

Twitter is another site famous people use as it has a limit to the amount of characters you can type but sweet to the point.

In most social media platforms you commonly will find the term hashtag is everywhere.

The term is expressed in the form of the pound sign and whatever word you want a photo associated with, for example, you hope people will look up the word to view it.

By utilizing hashtags your post into a vast “pool” of results and the more viewed the post is the higher chances yours is seen.

For instance Cerritos College student publication Talon Marks finds success in search results when you search #talonmarks .

Social media is everywhere and in a world where reputation means everything you must learn how to use it to your advantage.

It is so critical that even politicians and celebrities entrust a team to manage their accounts to help maintain their own image.

Now get out there Falcons and start getting Internet famous via social media.