The press is here to cover the news whenever, always


Photo credit: Carlos Marquez

There are many clubs on the Cerritos College campus, however, Talon Marks is not one of them.

While Talon Marks is a stand alone class/student publication, there is also a Press Club.

This means the newspaper is not to be viewed as a club, but as a legitimate publication and news source for the community of Cerritos College and should be shared more.

We understand the frustration of the readers when it comes to certain coverage, but let us do our job.

Considering Talon Marks covers everything on campus ranging from shootings, to campus festivities, to championship games, there’s no reason for the lack of support.

When our Campus Police Department releases safety alerts 40 minutes later, or sometimes not at all, following Talon Marks becomes a safety precaution for members of the community.

While there will always be someone disatisfied with our reporting, the school should do a better job at promoting Talon Marks and the community should get more involved.

The issue of the lack of school spirit on campus has gotten bigger and students don’t seem to know when events are or who’s who.

If more people just picked up the paper, or checked the online site, the involvement of the student body would increase exponentially.

Not only would students be more informed about the general news on campus, but Talon Marks has any information a Cerritos College student needs in the form of various stories.

However, does the campus community take us serious?

It should.

Unlike sports and school itself, the news does not take breaks, therefore, Talon Marks never takes a break.

We are students at the end of the day, yet we spend valuable study time to be in the newsroom working on ways to deliver news across the campus.

Now, since we consider ourselves to be a true publication, we understand that by us being the media, we may print some things that people may not agree with.

And that’s okay.

We keep an open door policy for anyone who feels passionate enough about a story we have covered, and readers can feel free to write a letter to the editor via email.

Anybody is welcome to the newsroom to discuss any issues and even pitch stories.

If students took advantage of contacting us, there is no reason your story idea wouldn’t be considered. This would also keep issues to a minimum.

There have been multiple reports of being biased toward certain people (athletics or races).

We’ve been called the TMZ of the campus and having our sources questioned for many stories we write.

We continue to stand right in the middle of adversity with our heads held high in solidarity for what we believe is true.

Any story that comes our way, we make sure to spend the necessary amount of time to get the story covered from every angle possible to ensure the story is told in its fullest capacity.

One thing that has been said is the notion that we as a publication just don’t do enough.

The question is: what is enough?

We completed a story on track and field athlete William Truong that got the attention of Downey mayor Alex Saab, who wanted to reach out to Truong after reading the story because he was so moved by it.

The two shootings that occurred off campus at 7-Eleven on the corner of Alondra and Studebaker were covered immediately; while others were running away from the commotion asking questions, Talon Marks was running toward the melee getting the information out.

Less than a month ago, a suspect in an armed robbery ran through campus causing the police to close down the Fine Arts Building and what was the college doing?

Tweeting with board members about voter registration.

Anybody following Talon Marks is immediately less at risk of any possible campus danger because we are the news on your newsfeed; we are always on the scene when it matters.

Some people say they are sensitive about their work.

We are no different because journalism is our art and we’re not only artists, but also watchdogs.