Free Speech Zone: What is the latest in a pregnancy that a person could get an abortion?

Hostory Major Kevin Perez

Kevin Perez

Major: History

“I’m not so sure [what the latest a person could get an abortion is]. Maybe two months three months. I don’t really know when the baby starts growing, from what I hear three months is I guess when they should. It’s [their] body [they can do] whatever they wants, if they want to do that let them do it.”

Fine Arts major Willie Mitchell

Willie Mitchell

Major: Graphic Design

“I don’t really believe in [abortion], I feel like it’s your responsibility to make decisions and if you make a decision there’s consequences. If you’re pregnant, you should take responsibility and keep the baby instead of trying to run away — killing the child. You made a mistake, or you made a choice now live with it.”

Undecided major Emma Mason

Emma Mason

Major: Undecided

“I think [person] should get an abortion if they want to because it’s their right their choice. Before it’s illegal, I don’t really know [what is the latest a person should get an abortion].”

Fine Arts major Elijah Gains

Elijah Gains

Major: Fine Arts

“I haven’t really researched too much on the topic. Personally, I believe life is life, but a [person] does have a right to an option or an opinion of what they want to do with their body. I don’t think there’s a right answer. I don’t feel my opinion should take over somebody else’s opinion, so asking a male I feel I have no say in the matter like that’s more of a women’s matter, but I also don’t think other people should dictate what people do with their body. I feel it should be up to the person. You should definitely explain to the person if you do this, this is what’s going to happen but I feel it should be up to the person to get the abortion or not.”

Fine Arts major Charine Bradford

Charine Bradford

Major: Fine Arts

“[A person could get an abortion no later than] about four to five weeks; anything beyond that (to me) is already a human being from the start, but after that it’s just no way. I don’t think that should be allowed. It’s a living fetus, it’s a child at that point. It’s a woman’s choice, and women do have that choice. It’s our bodies and sometimes you have to get an abortion under the circumstances the you’re in.”

Nursing major Dercy Nieves

Dercy Nieves

Major: Nursing

“[A person could get an abortion no later than] a month because [the fetus] is already forming. I don’t support abortion because once its already forming it’s considered a baby to me.”

“I don’t agree with abortions, it’s just a human life and its murder.” science major Carlos Marquez

Carlos Marquez

Major: Computer Science

“I don’t agree with abortion [because] it’s a human life, and its murder.”

Sociology major Javier Rivera

Javier Rivera

Major: Sociology

“[A person] shouldn’t get an abortion because it’s a life [and] it’s a baby. I understand sometimes people go through situations, some people get raped or some other girls feel like they don’t want to be a parent — but if that’s the case then why not just set the baby up for adoption, then somebody else can give that baby love.”

Business administration major Hyeykl Cortez

Hyeykl Cortez

Major: Business Administration

“That depends on the [person]. I don’t support it. I just don’t really talk about it.”

Criminal justice major Genesis Murga

Genesis Murga

Major: Criminal Justice

“[People can get abortions] in the second month, it hasn’t fully developed although it is. It’s easier to take it out when it’s just an embryo. To me, even though it’s not fully developed, it’s still a life and it still has an opportunity to live. I don’t appreciate it but it’s a person’s choice.”

Music major Guadalupe Ortiz

Guadalupe Ortiz

Major: Music

“[A person could get an abortion] in the first two months; the earlier the better because any later than that, you’re kind of letting it grow too big. It’s good to have a choice because there are people that do get rapped and it’s a very controversial thing; but I don’t see why we can’t have the option. No one is saying you have to [get an abortion], it’s just that sometimes stuff happens.”

Accounting major Ashely Winston

Ashely Winston

Major: Accounting

“I would say [a person could get an abortion no later than] two or three months because around that time you should know if to keep the baby or not. I support person’s choice. I don’t support killing your child — but if that’s what you want to do, (I wouldn’t do it) you should be able to.”

Theatre arts major Angelique Young

Angelique Young

Major: Theater

“I think if [the pregnancy] is threatening [a person’s] health, then they can get an abortion as late as whenever. If it’s threatening their health and it’s late, I feel like that’s okay. I support a choice.”