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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Free Speech Zone: What do you think about Texas going against the Fed?

Amber Fields giving their thoughts on the situation at the border.
Andrew Pilani
Amber Fields giving their thoughts on the situation at the border.

Amber Fields business administration major

“I think they’re letting too many people in. Obviously, they’re coming here because they want a better life and they want better for their family, or whatever, but they’re still doing it illegally. People look over that on purpose because they want to be morally correct. The fact of the matter is, they’re not legally correct. It just depends on what way you’re looking at it. They’re separating kids from their families, but at the same time, they’re here illegally so how’re they [border patrol agents] supposed to know who their families are anyway.”

Zach Baloloy business administration major

Zach Baloloy giving his thoughts about the situation at the border. (Andrew Pilani)

“Texas separating from the U.S. is a little scary. There’s a lot of wars going on now and you know how crazy people are. I understand Texas does this a lot-they always want to separate-Florida too, I heard. It’s a little scary how much power states can have. With the immigration issue, it’s illegal, but at the same time, ethically, how do you say where people belong?”

Rebecca Florian, psychology major

Rebeccas Florian self portrait. (Edward Fernandez)

“I think it’s crazy that a state is going against the country they’re in, but it is within the state’s right to do what they want with the border and if they’re willing to take the people in and help them out, that’s okay. I think going against the nation is going to have its repercussions for Texas.”

Anaya Jackson psychology major

Anaya Jackson self portrait (Edward Fernandez)

“If it hasn’t been up [referring to razor wire at the border] and you put it up against what the president is saying then you know like, maybe it is that serious, but to me, it’s not that serious — if it wasn’t there, just take it down.”

Bob Chapman culinary arts major

Bob Chapman self portrait (Edward Fernandez)

“If you think about it, these people are risking their lives as it is coming from wherever they came from… just to come here for a better life and then having them still go through the process of waiting, potentially putting themselves at more risk – I know some people are just gonna be like ‘screw it, I’m just gonna do what I can to survive.’”

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Andrew Pilani, Staff Writer
Andrew Pilani is an inquisitive staff writer for Talon Marks covering politics and general goings on. He’s interested in investigative journalism and exposing public corruption. Outside of journalism, Andrew spends his time being a guinea pig for his cosmetologist brother, perusing his 3k+ music playlist, and keeping up with schoolwork. “It'll be done in time,” were his last words before missing a deadline.
Edward Fernandez, Staff Writer
Edward Fernandez is a staff writer for Talon Marks covering arts and entertainment and community news. Aside from reporting, Fernandez enjoys reading and hiking. He hopes to transfer to Cal State Fullerton in the Fall.
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