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AP Classes: Are They Worth It?

With only a success rate of 24.4%, AP classes leave students with a poor mental health with factors like anxiety, fatigue and are left overwhelmed. We need to put an end to these classes that cause emotional damage for the sake of the youth. Photo credit: Courtesy of CC0 Public Domain & Courtesy of Mohamad Hassan

AP classes act as a way for students in high school to receive college credit ahead of time before transferring to a university. However, AP classes fail to do more good than harm – which is why we should get rid of them.

Most AP students hardly achieve a passing score after being taught by faculty (who are also put under pressure) with the heavy amount of material they need to cover in months. AP courses put a mental strain on not only the teachers, but the students learning ahead of their time.

According to the College Board, only 24.4% of students in class of 2020 scored a three or higher on the exam (graded on a scale of one to five, with one and two being the lowest/failing grade).

With this concerning percentage, it leaves us to narrow down to the solution of the problem involving students continuously failing AP exams. It’s either the unprepared faculty with not enough knowledge regarding the subject, or it’s simply just too difficult for students to grasp complex subjects at their age – or both. The solution is to abolish AP courses.

Students proved to be academically unprepared for AP exams by their teachers since 2010, which proves how difficult the material can be for them. Although there are definitely students able to learn college content at a young age, a majority are just not cut out for it.

According to Fox Business, students are left unrehearsed by numerous factors like their teachers and endless stress factors, which leads to the statistic of 50% of AP students failing their exams. It’s unfair and unfortunate that most students in these classes have worked extremely hard to not only pass the AP test, but the class itself, only to end up with a failing grade.

Although there is a benefit to taking AP courses such as receiving college credit and saving time, it’s simply unfair for those who simply can’t pass the exams (or don’t even have access to AP courses due to poverty.) Those who failed the AP exam then have to take on an extra year or two just to receive their Bachelor’s degree, meaning all of their hard work for the class goes down the drain.

Academics shouldn’t be a scenario where one has to push themselves at a young age academically by taking a challenge course or to avoid being stuck in college too long. Not everyone is made to handle the challenges and difficulties AP courses bring, which is why we need to demand high schools and colleges to get rid of them, or limit the college credit it brings.

However, AP classes should remain optional for those who do wish to challenge themselves with college material, but should be no more than a high school level class. AP courses allow a fraction of students to get ahead while the others have to take many more courses in college just because they chose to either opt out of them or didn’t pass.

Parents also need to stop pressuring kids to take AP classes because they cause many negative factors such as mental and physical stress, anxiety, fatigue and wasted energy if they fail. Students who take AP classes truly need to understand the amount of dedication and time required just to get a score of three.

From balancing loads of schoolwork to everyday life as a high school student, AP classes will continue to worsen the mental health of highschoolers which is why we should speak up to terminate it.



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Fatima Durrani
Fatima Durrani, Opinion Editor
Fatima Durrani is the Opinion Editor & c0-online editor for Talon Marks. She is a Journalism major for Pre-law, and this is her last semester at Talon Mark before she transfers to a university. In addition to reporting, Fatima enjoys singing, editing photos, creating short films and reading poetry.
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AP Classes: Are They Worth It?