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Astrology: psychology’s distant pseudo cousin

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Stars: From zodiac signs to horoscopes, let’s discover if the stars have secrets to share.
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Astrology signs going around as the book opens shining.

Whether you’re an indecisive Libra, a moody Cancer, or a self-loving Leo everyone falls under a zodiac sign and what that zodiac sign means is why astrology is deeply explored.

Astrology has become so mainstream, and people are using it to give a reason as to who they are and why they do some of the things they do.

Astrology today dates back to early Mesopotamia in 3 millennium BCE, with influences from different cultures including China, India, Greece and Rome leading the way to the contemporary western astrological system.

Astrology was considered a true academic discipline, giving influence to the rise of astronomy and connected to alchemy, meteorology and traditional medicine until the 17th century.

The efforts that human beings made to understand lunar cycles and phases, orbital directions of planets and their influence on Earth and its inhabitants led to their search for answers in the sky.

Now, can it replace psychology and be recognized as a true science today?

The short answer is no, however, there are many key attributes that astrology has that are believed to actually give some level of reasoning or better yet insight into human behavior.

If you think about it carefully, the moon has the power to control the tides of the oceans here on Earth. Humans have that level of energy and magnitude inside of us too.

Remember your biology teacher drilling your heads about atoms? Wouldn’t the planets and stars be able to have a bit of effect on us human beings and our magnetic field?

Reading your horoscope it tells you “Libra’s should leave today open for fun and spontaneous acts and let the wind take you by the hand, you might think “Well, that could work for anyone.” That’s true but let’s go deeper.

Most people just stop at their sun sign, believing there is no merit and it is very generic and it is! True astrology includes your sun, moon and rising.

It includes your houses one through 12 and also what planets your sign was on the very day you were born.

Because astrology can be broad at first, but honing in on your specifics is what makes it interesting for people and why most believe there are some truths to it.

Whether reading a horoscope or a friend just asking “What’s your sign?” knowing and understanding your zodiac sign is just as important as knowing what makes you, you.

According to a poll conducted by Harper’s BAZAAR “62% of Gen Z and 63% of millennials say their zodiac sign accurately represents their personality traits .”

Three steps you can take to begin the journey into astrology:

1. Start by looking up what zodiac sign you fall under

All you need is the day you were born and that will tell you exactly which of the 12 zodiac signs belong to you.

2. Gain your moon and rising sign

You will find this out by knowing the time and city you were born, which can be found directly on your birth certificate, or by asking your parents. The time you were born is used to find your rising sign and where you were born is used to find your moon sign.

3. Download an astrology app

Once you have all this information at hand you will need to plug it into a good astrology app to help you gain your moon and rising sign as well as get a deeper introspection into your astrological aspects.

Allow your curiosity to guide you through this journey of astrology. Remember to relax and open up your mind.


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Ifeoma Utom
Ifeoma Utom, Co-News Editor
Ifeoma Utom is the co-news editor for Talon Marks covering all things news related on Cerritos College campus. When she is not news reporting, Ifeoma loves to enjoy a nice book to read or hanging out with her friends. She writes poetry in her spare time and enjoys the fine arts of opera and ballet. Ifeoma will graduate this spring semester and plans to take some time off to travel and explore what the world has to offer.
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