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Mexican artists need better protection

Many Mexicans have to live the fear if what the cartel might do to them, now the Mexican artists fearing that too.
Joel Carpio
Peso Pluma standing in front of the Arco de Tijuana with a death threat poster in front of him from the CJNG cartel.

The Mexican government needs to protect Mexican artists who receive threats from the cartel, so they don’t have to cancel shows since the Mexican government won’t tackle the cartel problem in the country.

It’s a shame that many artists from Mexico have been left in fear for their lives having to cancel performance dates due to threats from cartels.

Peso Pluma and Fuerza Regida were the recent victims of threats from the Cartel de Jalisco Nuevo Generación.

Both artists had to cancel shows at Estadio Caliente in Tijuana due to the threats that said if they performed there, it would be their last ever performance, implying they’d kill them.

CJNG threatened Peso Pluma because he sang about the former drug lord of the rival Sinaloa Cartel, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

In one of Peso Pluma’s songs “Siempre Pendientes” which featured Fuerza Regida they sang about taking care of their community like El Chapo which did not bode well with the CJNG cartel.

The cartel’s threat poster left in Tijuana said that Peso Pluma had a “disrespectful loose tongue.”

The fragility of the cartel further shows when they threaten artists to not perform at a certain venue because of a lyric or lyrics in songs they’ve sung.

It’s a shame that occurrences like this continue to happen and that the cartels have so much authority and power in Mexico to frighten the artists, so much so that they listen to their wishes.

Not only does this affect the artists themselves, but it hurts the economy of the city that they’re performing in, the venue’s workers and it hurts the fans, the people that spend their hard-earned money to support them and can’t wait to go see them live.

A safety net needs to be created for these artists especially when they perform in certain cities where the cartels are most prevalent.

Now not just Mexican artists but other artists or bands from other countries may be afraid to perform in Mexico altogether and that isn’t fair to the Mexican people.

One of the most famous cases like this that ended in tragedy was with the Mexican artist, Chalino Sanchez.

Sanchez was going to perform in Culiacán, Sinaloa when he got a warning saying if he went and performed, he would be killed.

Chalino ended up going and before his performance, he got a death note saying he was going to die after the performance and that is unfortunately exactly what happened.

Chalino Sanchez was killed as an act of revenge that tied back to a shooting at a party in Culiacán that happened when he was a teenager.

The assassination wasn’t directly tied to the Sinaloa Cartel, but they were related.

Mayor Montserrat Caballero of Tijuana weighed in on the situation and made herself look like she was on the cartel’s payroll.

Instead of denouncing the cartel and saying they’d look for the men who made these threats, she says that the artists may have ties to the cartel and they should be the ones investigated.

Unfortunately, these threats will continue to happen until the Mexican government gets a hold of the cartels and vanquishes the immense amount of authority they have in the country.

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Joel Carpio, Managing Editor
Joel Carpio is the Managing, Co-Sports, & Co-Social Media Editor for Talon Marks, he enjoys playing sports, listening to music, and is an avid fan of the Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, Kings, and LAFC. He is planning on transferring to San Diego State University and earn his bachelors degree in Journalism. In the future he wants to be a sports broadcaster.
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