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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Do we really need digital licenses?

The CA digital wallet is here but, it seems to be coming in really slow. Will it be worth it to even acquiring one?
Oregon Department of Transportation
An empty DMV headquarters in the state of Oregon.

It’s starting to feel like a Robert Zemeckis science fiction movie as the digital era is not around the corner – it’s already here.

Digital licenses are now available and local residents can carry them on their mobile devices by downloading the DMV’s mobile driver’s license application.

If I were to acquire a digital license and want to use it as proof of age to enter a club or purchase an alcoholic beverage, I would still need to download another app, submit the application and wait for approval. It feels pointless having a digital license.

I would rather just renew my physical license that I can carry with me everywhere.

Cerritos College students also had mixed feelings on whether they’d use the new service.

It’s not as fascinating as it sounds, however, because if stopped by a police officer the digital license will not be accepted as proof of license.

It will be accepted at LAX and 2,000 other airports in the U.S., but only through a program called TSA Precheck.

The program isn’t free as the program TSA Precheck is for members who pay a membership fee, but it allows travel easily without exhausting lines.

However, as said by Nelson Aguilar in his story in CNET news, there is a slight benefit to having a digital license. It serves as proof of age identification to purchase alcoholic beverages or restrict the use of drugs for those under the age of 21 years old.

Americans can only use that service with the activation of the TruAge application from the CA DMV Wallet.

Will digital licenses transform 2023 into a new era?

We will have to remember digital wallet licenses are still on a trial basis and just like anything starts, there have to be faults to gain perfection.

Tag along with me and let’s check out what Cerritos students think about Digital licenses.

Walking around Cerritos College campus was student Orlando Encarnacion and tagging along with his student Alon Perez who both said, “No. I would not like to have a digital ID, because if my phone gets stolen so would my ID,” Encarnacion said.

Perez continued: “I would not acquire a digital ID. We are in a moment where everything software-related is very vulnerable and I feel it would get stolen easily.”

Cerritos freshman student Davanee Lopez, however, said she would download the CA digital wallet.

“Yes, I feel like it is digital, more because everything is digital or online and anything like that more than in person. I feel like it would be easier,” Lopez said.

Passing by the learning resource center, Cerritos student Luis Cadena said the app would be worth it for convenience later on.

“Yes, I would be interested in downloading the CA digital wallet because it will be faster to show proof of identification.

What if you forget your ID, other than the cost it’s a good thing. If you were to forget your ID at home, you would just have it in your phone.”

Art major Diego D. Martinez agreed.

“Yes, I do agree because you get access to many things, such as clubs.”

Further down near the Student Accessibility Center, psychology major Fatima Flores said the app might help out in a pinch.

“Because If I lose or forget my ID, that is a second form to identify myself,” Flores said.

Digital licenses still have a way to go. I do not want to have a digital wallet because there is not much use for one.

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