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Yolanda doesn’t deserve a chance to tell her “truth”

Michael Delgado
Yolanda Saldivar graphic made on PhotoRoom

We often believe there are many sides to a story and feel that a story should be told from several perspectives. But, not when it relates to committing a premeditated murder.

A new documentary on Oxygen will explore Yolanda Saldivar, Selena Quintanilla’s murderer, and the perspective of events that led up to her death called “Selena & Yolanda: The Secrets Between Them” set to be released on Feb. 17.

The fact that Oxygen is giving this woman a platform to speak on a situation that should not have happened in the first place is so disturbing. Not only to her family but fans of the Grammy award-winning singer.

If she wanted to speak on her experience with Selena, why would it take so long for her to do so? It seems as though because she is eligible for parole in 2025, she wants sympathy for something that can never be justified.

Saldivar mentions in the teaser “I think it’s time I set the record straight —- and I think that people deserve to know the truth.”

Following the release of the trailer many fans of the Tejano singer have taken their thoughts to social media about the docuseries.

Tweet on X from @OuuTHATSleena (Shaniah Campbell)

“Yolanda Saldivar has some nerve coming out with this documentary. She killed Selena, that’s the bottom line. Tryna release some dumb shit discussing this deceased woman when she can’t defend herself the year before she’s eligible for parole. I hope it gets denied. Gross.” A user wrote on “X”.

American media exploits and glorifies stories and the real experience of people in the justice system to make a profit. Giving murderers a platform to gain an audience or profit makes it seem very off-putting to the people who need a platform to tell their stories.

For example, people who are convicted of committing a crime that they never did. People with those stories should be able to have platforms for their TRUTH to be told.

It just goes to show how greedy American media can be because the victim herself isn’t here to defend her name. Saldivar is only participating in this documentary to make the viewers have sympathy for her wrongdoing. Yet, she’s not going to get the reaction she thinks she’s going to get. Once, the documentary is released she will receive more backlash than she is now.

Selena Quintanilla’s father, Abraham Quintanilla states in a new interview with TMZ that he wants absolutely nothing to do with Yolanda herself … cause everything she says is nothing but lies, and no one’s going to believe what she has to say anyway.

It feels so wrong and disrespectful that Oxygen is releasing this a month before the anniversary of Selena’s death. Especially to Selena’s family because they lost her way too early in her life and career.

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