Men’s soccer looking to kick 2008 off in a big way

Jennifer De La Torre

After finishing its 2007 season second state title, the men’s soccer team is looking forward to a great 2008 season.

As the Falcons season opener approaches, head coach Benny Artiaga is excited, stating that “this is the best recruiting class we have ever had.”

Bringing their knowledge and experience, returners Michael Paz and Alex Munoz are some players to watch.  Michael Paz was 1st Team All-American Player of the Year last year.

Falcons are also looking for a great season from newcomers Timi Seo and Sal Melendrez.  Seo was named Orange County Division 1 Player of the Year, and Melendrez was named the Press-Telegram’s Player of the Year.

The team is looking forward to tough competition this weekend in their tournament at Hartnell.  This tournament should give the team a good idea of where they stand.

In addition to a number of strong incoming freshmen, the team has two new coaches and a brand new field.*