Student-athletes must stick together

Melissa Maestro

It is acceptable for student athletes to associate with each other during their free time because they share the same interests and the same goals.

The separation of athletes and students at Cerritos became evident to me as I walked around the campus and noticed the different cliques that have been created.

This integration of the talented and the average has been a situation that wasn’t recently derived at the beginning of the semester; this is something that has been around since the beginning of schooling in general.

Students who come to school have friends they hang around with, but, what they do doesn’t matter simply because they are the average Joes that blend in with other students.

Then you have the athletes, the “talent” at Cerritos, and they are noticed because there are so many of them, and they stand out.

Either way, every person seems to have a friend, and eventually creates his own clique, so it shouldn’t matter if these athletes choose to spend their leisure time with one another.

These homogenous athletes aren’t being anti-social; they’re staying connected with those who take pleasure in the same thing and in doing so improve their skills by interacting with others involved in the same sport.