M.Maestro-Ameer Webb feature story (vic)

Melissa Maestro

After winning the state championship in the 200 meter and second place in the 100 meter during his freshman season, sophomore track and field sprinter Ameer Webb has signed with Texas A&M University.

Webb, who was also named one of the Athletes of the Meet at the 2010 California State Championships, began his recruiting process about a month before the track season started.  

According to Webb, the reason TAMU wanted to recruit him was due to his statistics as an individual and his similar statistics to current TAMU track and field star Curtis Mitchell.

“They see a lot of him in me. He went there and he did great and he ran great and now he’s professional so they probably see a lot of him in me. They want me to do as good or even better.” He said.

Webb had an idea of what kind of school he wanted from the beginning, and TAMU worked up to his standards as far as their seriousness goes.

“I decided this is the place I wanted to be. There are party schools you can go to, but by going here I can get things done and go on to where I want to be.”

Before his season on the track began, Webb played football for the 2009 season. After his freshman year he decided to focus all of his talent on one specific sport, and track and field became his priority.

“When I played football for Cerritos, I didn’t get that much time as a freshman. But most freshmen don’t get that much time if you’re not that great, because you need to learn,” he said, “after that season I went to track and it was kind of like, if you’re fast, you’re going to do your thing.

“From there on I had a bigger future in track and field than I did in football. So when I made my decision I chose track.”

Not only does Webb believe this was the best decision for him,  teammate Karin Lopez also believes he is great at what he does.

“He’s the backbone of the sprinters,” Lopez said, “he’s going to be one of the top runners in the state, so we will get a bigger reputation because of him.”

At the moment, this star sprinter is preparing for what this season has in store for him.

After he finished second in the 100 meter at state, Webb decided that was not good enough for him.

“I considered that a flaw and decided I had to work on bettering my flaws and making me perfect.”

Webb also received interest from Universities of Oregon, Arizona, and Georgia.

However, he declined their offers once he took a visit to TAMU.