Cerritos College has a wide variety of sports for various athletes to choose from.

It seems they have just about everything for both men and women to play; there’s water polo/swim, tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball/softball, and volleyball.

Well, at least there’s women’s volleyball. What about the men’s team?

Maybe they just really suck and no one hears much noise about them.

Oh yeah, there is no men’s volleyball team.

Wait, no men’s volleyball? Why?

Apparently funding goes elsewhere since there isn’t enough to formulate a 12 man-squad minimum.

Although the football roster does seem to kind of run down. That’s besides the point.

Men’s volleyball may not be a requirement but should be an available oppurtunity to those interested in the sport.

It provides the same oppurtunity to those scholar athletes who may not make it to the NFL or the NBA, but can make it to top schools in the nation like UCLA, USC, UCI, UCSB, or even Stanford.

The few examples may make it seem like a California thing, that doesn’t mean other prestigious schools don’t have men’s volleyball teams either.

Even long-time Cerritos College rival, Long Beach City College, has men’s volleyball.

Talking about equal oppurtunity, what does LBCC do when their men’s volleyall season comes around after watching football, basketball, and soccer rivalry games and twiddling their thumbs waiting for baseball and softball?

Probably still twiddling their thumbs while they play surrounding city colleges in their spare time.

We (as in those who wish there WAS a men’s volleyball)  can’t help but do the same.

Twiddling thumbs seems to be almost the only thing there is to do while waiting to get classes necessary to transfer, or for a men’s volleyball team.

Like the seasons and semesters come and go, thumbs shall continue to cycle as well.