Derk Siddiqui fist lost of season


Sophomore Tennis player Derek Siddiqui was defeated for the first time in his singles play this season, (2-6,5-7) in the championship match at the 111th Annual Ojai Tennis Tournament against Glendale College’s Alex Sarkissian.

The Cerritos College team recorded 17 wins throughout the course of the tournament, which was two less then the team with the most wins, College of the desert with 19.

Siddiqui is the first Cerritos College player to make it to the championship game at the tournament.

His first lost came three days before the team’s third round of the Southern California Regional Playoffs.

Siddiqui’s season is not over yet.

 He and Sophomore Johnny Chai have advanced in doubles matches in the quater finals of doubles matches in the playoffs.

The third round will be on Wednesday.