Moala: Preseason All-American


Sophomore defensive tackle David Moala has been named a preseason All-American which makes his play and work ethic nationally recognized.

“It’s good to get this recognition,” Moala said. “But, it is not something to brag about, more like something to live up to”.

“We try to stay hungry, David wants to eat,” sophomore defensive tackle Kisione Pale explained on the team’s desire to continue toward success. “If he eats, we eat, then the linebackers eat, and so forth.”

His speed and strength were on display at practice as he fought off a block and was able to stop the running back before he got past the line of scrimmage.

“I was bigger last year–heavier,” Moala said. “We (all) have a lot of speed and strength this year.”

Moala has been described by his teammates as having a strong work ethic and committment to the sport.

“He works hard,” freshman punter Osborn Umeh said. “He has been hitting the weights pretty hard and works real well with the guys.”

He added, “He is a strong guy, and that is really hard to find.”

The work ethic on the field translates to his relationship with his teammates.

“We have a better relationship this year,” sophomore linebacker Joshua Callier said. “We are like a family and I expect it will help Moala shine.”

Head coach Frank Mazzotta knows that Moala has a deep passion for the game of football.

“The one thing about him is that he loves football,” Mazzotta said. “He doesn’t love a whole lot of things, but he loves football. I know Saturday night he always loves to play. That’s always been him.”

He added, “When he gets on the field he works as hard as anybody, and that’s why he is an All-American. He doesn’t cheat it on the field.”

Moala’s skills have drawn the attention of various programs around the nation such as Houston, Oregon State, Kansas, Hawaii, Utah, and Cincinnati.

“It’s a humbling experience and I appreciate every offer I get,” Moala said. “As of right now, all schools rank the same. I just have to keep working and looking for the best offer I get.”

He and his fellow teammates will play their first game of the season on Saturday, Sept. 7 at Los Angeles Harbor College at 6 p.m.