Falcons prepare for upcoming swim meet

Emily Curiel , Staff writer

The Falcons are preparing for the conference meet on Friday Feb. 27 at Pasadena City College at 8 a.m.,  after taking third place at the Golden West Invitational on Friday, Feb 20.

The invitational was a meet with many events. Some of the Falcons had to swim at least 10 different races.

This is good for the team because they got a chance to see where they stand and how strong the swimmers are. Head coach Joe Abing said, “[The] Golden West Invitational was a really good preparation for Friday (Feb. 27), because it’s the first dual meet,”

Dual meets are swimming events that happen in different order.

He added, “Everyone is getting better, we have already improved a lot and we have gotten in much better shape.”

As for the conference meet that is coming up this Friday Feb. 27 at Pasadena City College at 8 a.m., the swimmers seem exceptionally confident and ready to make some extra splashes around the pool to hopefully scare some opponent swimmers out of the water.

Backstroke swimmer Jerry Regan said, “I think the team is mentally prepared for the meet. I just feel like in order to contribute I need improve my times.

Like in high school my times were way better than they are now, so I feel like it’s me trying to get back to the times I had before. Once I’m there I can work on getting faster and until than I’ll be happy.”

The goal for this upcoming conference meet is to work on time. Time is of the essence for these Falcons who seem to be extra confident.

Butterfly stroke swimmer Isiah Gayton said, “I think we’ll do good [if] we show up and just race.”