Falcons rush toward a win against Golden West College


No. 28 running-back for the Falcons, Querale Hall driving the ball down the field while dodging tackles. Hall was able to get a touchdown for the Falcons on Sept. 23 against Golden West. The Falcons defeated Golden West 36-23. Photo credit: David Jenkins

Jah-Tosh Baruti

Falcons’ Football comes out victorious against Golden West College with a score of 36-23

It was a game in which the Falcons’ scored five touchdowns as a team on their way to improving their season record to 2-2.

The running backs came to play in Saturday night’s game, rushing for a total of 192 yards, responsible for 3 of the 4 touchdowns

No. 28, RB Querale Hall, commented after the game, “I want to thank my offensive linemen because without them I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. My offense blocked, my receivers blocked.”

He described the game as a good team performance.

Hall rushed for a touchdown giving credit to his teammates, “It was a team thing. I can’t take credit for that, they helped me get in there.”

He talked about what he believed to be the strengths of the game, saying, “first we got off strong with the run game, then a little bit of play action to open up the receivers, so we got a pretty good balance.

Hall said, he felt the team was strong overall.

Hall shared his thoughts on the season so far, “we started off slow, but we knew coming into the season that we have a very high powered offense and we’re just now clicking these last two weeks. We’re looking to keeping it rolling.”

Head Coach Frank Mazzotta spoke extensively after the game, “our defense played pretty good tonight. High points were probably the backs, the way they were running. We played really good, maybe losing those two games were a key thing. We’ll find out in the next two weeks.”

Coach Mazzotta also stated that “the quarter backs just need to get better, the [running] backs are good, so it really comes down to the quarter back and at every level that’s the key.”

The offensive linemen were mentioned by several players as a key factor in the game.

Coach shared his opinion on them as well, “I really like our O line. I think we are as good up front as we’ve been in a long time. Our only problem is we have 5 or 6, if we start getting a guy go down or something we’re gonna be in trouble.”

No. 3, RB Rhamondre Stevenson, who notched two touchdowns in the game, said, “I did pretty good, my O line helped me a lot.”

Overall, he tallied the game as a good team win.

As he looks forward to the rest of the season he shares his thoughts on the early season, “I’m very excited about it. We got a lot of running backs, but we’re all getting in there and getting it done.”

Saturday night saw the second and fourth quarters respectively ending in tie scores.

Leading to the first and third quarters being the deciding quarters of the game. The Falcons’ won both quarters with scores of 7-3 in the first quarter and 9-0 in the third.

Their next game is a home game on Saturday against Riverside College (4-0). Coach Mazzotta affirms the team is looking to keep their winning streak rolling.