Volleyball continue losing streak 0-11


No. 5 Sabrina Rivas setting up for her team mate to spike the ball. The Falcons lost 3-1 at home, make their season record 0-11. Photo credit: David Jenkins

David Jenkins

The Falcons’ volleyball team lost their eleventh game in a row this season when they went up against Rio Hondo and lost 3-1.

On the Sept. 27 home game, the Falcons started evenly in the first set with Rio Hondo trading off points and winning the set 25-22.

The same thing happened in the second set when it comes to trading points and staying even, only this time they lost 26-24.

It wasn’t until the third set that the match took a turn of events.

“Little errors and little it slip just because we were down” said No.5 setter, Sabrina Rivas about the change of the game in the third set.

Falcons lost the third set 25-16.

The fourth and final set was a repeat of the third and lost 25-16.

“As myself, I need to be faster as a player, I need to be louder and I saw that I not doing that. I was letting myself do down with little errors like that” Rivas said about the mentality of the game.

Head Coach Kari Pestolesi declined to comment about the game.

The Falcons’ volleyball team will be playing on Sept. 29 at Pasadena City College at 6.p.m.