Cerritos College Women’s Soccer streak continues


Mid-field player No.13 Stephanie Nava running with the ball trying to head near the opponents goal. The Cerritos College Falcons will travel to Pasadena City College on Friday at 4 p.m. for a crossover game. Photo credit: Scarled Murillo

Scarled Murillo

The Cerritos College women’s soccer team does it again by winning 3-1 against Chaffey College on Oct. 24.

Now the Falcons are at an eight-win streak, leaving them with an overall score of 12-1-1 so far in the season.

Due to the extreme heat according to Head Coach Ruben Gonzalez, the California Community Colleges Soccer Coaches Association informed the referees to allow two water breaks.

Each water break was during the 15 and 30 minutes of the half, so in total the Falcons and Panthers were allowed four water breaks, not including half time.

Gonzalez said that “soccer is played in any condition; in the snow and in extreme heat. There is no restrictions on when to cancel a game unless [there is] lightning.”

During the first half of the game, two minutes in, defense player No. 9 Itzel Ballesteros got a hold of the ball from the Chaffey opponents. Ballesteros was towards the outside of the field so she passed the ball in towards defense player No. 3 Mia Ramirez.

Ramirez was able to outrun her opponent leading to the first goal of the game against Chaffey. This was Ramirez’s 16th goal of the season for the Falcons.

Throughout the rest of the first half, both teams had a strong defense, but right before the end, Chaffey got a hold of the ball.

During the thirty-second minute of the first half, Chaffey player Emma Burgos ended up tying up the game by scoring on the Cerritos goalkeeper Deisy Rodriguez.

Rodriguez walked slightly out of the goal and the ball went over her head, out of reach, into the goal.

In the second half of the game, it seemed as though the game was going to be tied, but during minute 65, Ballesteros did it again by getting her team a 2-1 lead.

This goal resembled the first goal of the game, Ballesteros and Ramirez worked together once again to score.

This time Mia Ramirez provided an assist to Ballesteros who then rebounded the ball into the Chaffey goal.

The last goal of the game was provided by a penalty kick by mid-field player No. 21 Brittany Reyes during the eighty-ninth minute.

Reyes hit a high corner kick that the Chaffey goalie was unable to block, which gave Reyes her ninth goal of the season so far.

Gonzalez said, “the girls started off slow during the first half but later improved. I know the heat was a big factor but the girls need to overcome it.”

Player No. 15 Jennifer Lopez said, “We were really exhausted but we pulled it together after the first goal. The other team was playing a bit aggressive because they know we are number one. Everyone who plays us comes out strong to bring us down.”

The Cerritos College Falcons will travel to Pasadena City College on Friday at 4 p.m. for a crossover game.