NFL Playoff Hunt: Who’s in? Who’s out?

Jonathan Gonzalez

As the NFL season is coming to an end, there is a lot of teams trying to stick their foot in the door and qualify for the playoffs. Cerritos College students voice their opinion on who will make it and try to win a Super Bowl championship.

Omari Okeke, administrational justice major, predicts,”Eagles in the NFC, because I’m an Eagles fan. In the AFC, Steelers, but it depends on if they play at home because that crowd is a whole different atmosphere.”

In the American Football Conference, there is a tight race between the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders, Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns for the final wild card spot, with the Buffalo Bills having a comfortable two game lead for the first wild card spot.

Israel Torres, social working major, predicts, “Vikings, for sure. They have a good QB and especially if [Dalvin] Cook is healthy. Steelers in the AFC because that defense is really good, and defense wins games.”

The current division leaders are the Baltimore Ravens with the #1 seed, the New England Patriots with the #2 seed, the Houston Texans with the #3 seed, and the Kansas City Chiefs with the #4 seed.

In the National Football Conference, there is also a tight race between the Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles. The 49ers hold a comfortable lead for the first wild card spot with the rest of these teams fighting for the last spot.

The current division leaders are the New Orleans Saints with the #1 seed, the Seattle Seahawks with the #2 seed, the Green Bay Packers with the #3 seed and the Dallas Cowboys holding the advantage against the Eagles by one game.

This year’s NFL season has been closer than many other seasons, so keep an eye out because the teams qualifying for the playoffs might surprise you.