Falcons athletes are still being productive during COVID-19


Nick Martinez

No.1 leadoff hitter Buck Anderson amongst others are now left to figure out other ways to workout and stay in shape due to COVID-19. Photo credit: nick martinez

Robtrell Scott, Staff Writer

By now we are no strangers to this gigantic pandemic COVID-19 which has taken over 18 thousand American live.

For the first time, there are no athletic sporting events going on around the world and athletes are now forced to stay home until they are told they can go back to doing what they love just like everyone.

Two Cerritos College Falcon athletes gave their input on how they feel about this global pandemic.

No.11 forward freshman Jaishon Forte from the men’s basketball team said, “It started off easy and over the days it became a lot harder staying inside.”

No.1 outfielder sophomore Buck Anderson from the baseball team said,” It’s going pretty good I just been staying on top of my assignments and I’m fortunate enough to have a home gym I’ve been working out staying in shape and just spending time with my family.”

Both Anderson and Forte has made an impressive noise in their respected sports this season.

Forte has played 30 games and started in 25 games this year and has averaged 10.8 points per game and grabbed 7.7 rebounds per game in 23.9 minutes

Anderson has played and started in 21 games this season with a batting average of .321 stolen 13 bases and has 10 runs batted in.

These two young men had to learn how to adapt on a different playing surface and, just like many others, they had to find a way to change their workout habits.

Anderson said, “I wake up in the morning and I run. It kinda just depends on the day, I work on legs, sometimes I work on my upper body. It kinda depends on how I’m feeling.”

Forte’s workouts have been a little different.

“I work out every day, my normal routine is 400 pushups and 200 situps. I haven’t been running my mom, has been a little paranoid about the virus and I’ve just been trying to stay in,” he said.

A lot of community college athletes have had their recruitment process changed. Rather than meeting face-to-face it has changed to phone calls and email exchanges.

“I have been getting calls and emails from different schools. It is an adjustment. I’m more of a face-to-face person but you still have to go through online schooling and ask for transcripts that you have to send through email,” Anderson said.

The following schools have been reaching out to Anderson: LMU, Chico State, and Grambling State.

According to Forte, he and his teammates Joshua “Juice” Belvin and Jyvonnte Moore have been in talks about what they plan for next year.

“Getting ready to practice again and bring the energy early how we did last season and increase how effective we can be,” he said.

As we go through these tough times both Forte and Anderson have a message for Falcons fans:

Forte said, “We have a great team coming back and we will win it all next year.”

“Stay safe and spend this time with your families and don’t take anything for granted,” Anderson added.