Falcons crushing 5-2 defeat against LA Harbor


Susan Romero

Andy Vega hitting a ball pitched by the LA Harbor Seahawks on March 17.

Susan Romero, Staff Writer

The Cerritos College Falcons were up against La Harbor Seahawks on March 17, hoping to go for the sweep and keeping us on our toes for all nine innings.

Steven Salazar was the starting pitcher for the falcons.

Starting strong within the first few minutes, at the bottom of the first inning, Julian Francois was able to advance to first and steal second base.

Jason Givens batted up next and was able to get to first base, giving Francois the perfect opportunity to advance to third.

Being on top of the game, Francois was able to score the very first run for the Falcons.

The Seahawks were not happy with the run, thusly becoming more aggressive.

Top of the second inning, the Seahawks were pushing through and were able to make a run.

By the top of the third inning, on their second out, Francois was the only one who was able to walk to first base. The Seahawks were able to score 2 more runs on the Falcons, putting them in the lead (3-1).

Amidst the third inning, Francois slid attempting to steal second base resulting in the opponent’s cleats running up his arm leaving a deep wound.

Stilldespiteof his injury, Francois continued to put up a good fight for his team and continued batting for the remaining 4 innings. Truly a dedicated and devoted teammate.

Unfortunately for the falcons, the Seahawks were able to score one more point in the top of the fifth inning.

By the seventh inning, LA Harbor scored their final point. Jason Givens was also able to score the final run leaving us at 2-5.

Distraught by their loss, there was no chaos nor commotion, just the sound of their cleats hitting the field as they walked out.

Francois expressed how he felt about the game after their loss against Harbor.

“Today was not bad in my opinion,” Francois said, “we probably could’ve come out the gates a little bit harder since we wanted to go for the sweep but overall I don’t think it was too bad.”

Vic Buttler, head coach for the falcons, expressed what he thought of his team and how they played.

“Today’s game we just came out with low energy. I think that the schedule is catching up with the guys you know physically and mentally,” Buttler said.

“I just told them the three pillars that elite athletes do: you have to train, which we do already, have proper diet and nutrition and get good rest and recovery.

“Like I told them, we have a very talented team,” Buttler added, “I think the weather just kinda set us back a little bit because we didn’t get the practice time that we needed to develop and get our rhythm and timing back.”

The Falcons’ head coach said that he plans to finish the season strong for the Falcons baseball team.

With a bit of hard work and good weather, the falcons might have a better chance at winning their next game at home against Compton, which will take place on March 23 at 2:30 p.m.