Off The Field: Bubble environment needs to be NFL’s only option after rise of COVID-19 cases emerge


Photo credit: Parker Anderson

Keanu Ruffo, Sports Editor

The Nation Football League needs to step up and enforce stricter rules on their teams so the number of COVID-19 cases can decrease.

If you’re a player, coach, or team staff member, you should be quarantining everyday to prevent spreading COVID-19.

The first week of November, the league saw a total of 56 employees, including 15 players and 41 staff members, returned confirmed positive tests between Nov. 1 and Nov. 7.

To the team doctors of every 32 NFL teams, aren’t you all supposed to test players and coaches everyday?

The way HBO series Hard Knocks: Los Angeles showed it, every player and coach was getting tested everyday.

According to the National Football League Players Association(NFLPA), it’s rule for players, coaches, and team staff members is to isolate for five days and then get retested the next day.

What the rule should be is two weeks of isolation. Five days of quarantine isn’t enough for players and coaches to completely get rid of COVID-19 in such a small time frame.

The NFL is looking into expanding the playoff bracket to 16 teams instead of 14 in case more games have to be rescheduled for later on in the season.

If we’re being honest here, it looks like more games will be rescheduled since the numbers of COVID-19 cases have increased in the last couple of days.

According to the league, the recent increases of infected staff members and players are consistent with the general increases in infections throughout society.

NFL games need to be played in a bubble. Players, coaches, and staff members need to live in a bubble.

The NBA and WNBA did it correctly and so can the NFL. To Roger Goodell(NFL commissioner), don’t be ignorant.

An increase in positive COVID-19 cases means an increase in chances of an outbreak.

Everyone associated with each NFL team must do whatever they can to steer clear of the virus until the season ends.

If the season was to get cancelled, oh well. The safety of our health will always remain first even if it means cancelling the best game in the world.