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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Embracing not just the runner: Megan Feitz

Bryan Ramos
No. 7521 Megan Feitz running against Coach Downey Cross Country Classic on Fri. Sep. 29 in San Diego.

Megan was battling her demons, as she had to fight depression and the feelings that were suppressing her back during her injuries last year just after having passed through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meet Megan Feitz, the fearless, unstoppable facet sophomore runner who has helped the Cerritos College women’s cross-country team start in first place during their Coach Downey Cross Country Classic on Sept. 29 in San Diego with a time of 20:17 on a 5K run.

Feitz did suffer an injury last year where she got two PRs those two days, but she has persevered to come back even stronger.

“I felt accelerated by how I could overcome something, overcome myself and overcome my times. I think this year,” Feitz said.

“I think the best I’ve ever felt was probably in the beginning stages of the season just being with a bigger team and just [being] where I wasn’t last year you know,” she said.

“Not in the second pack but be there in the top leaders, I think that it’s definitely a new perspective and that was the best I felt,” Feitz explained.

Her kneecap popped, Megan said, it wasn’t like any bones broke because all she heard was a loud pop sound, but it was enough to have her dwelling in pain, additionally, she also got shin splints.

“I just had a lot of struggles of self-doubt on where I wanted to be in the future,” Feitz said.

Her inspiration that kept her motivated to push through things was the feeling of being better to have accomplished more than what other people usually do.

Feitz keeps her mind focused to continue expanding her talent as a runner.

She also decided to join Cerritos College thanks to the coaches who found her during her senior year from Fountain Valley.

“I think what really got me was the coaches, they didn’t only come to my track they also came to my season finale to meet me and talk to me you know, on one like a person rather than just a name on paper,” said Feitz.

“Coming here with one of my teammates [I’ve] been able to expand my perspective of what California has to offer as I still live in Costa Mesa, a different demographic with different people,” said Feitz.

Megan is currently employed as a physical therapist aide and wants to major in Kinesiology as she plans to go into the physical therapy route.

After graduating from Cerritos College Megan plans to continue running as a cross-country athlete somewhere else.

She considers that running beside her family motivates her to continue on the right path.

Aside from doing cross-country, she enjoys reading and being outside is a must for her, she likes to go where she can enjoy nature around her.

Megan’s sister is currently a runner too, also has four step-siblings and considers her cousins as brothers and sisters as they still live all together in one house.

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