Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him


Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so don’t stall to get him something meaningful to express your love for him. Photo credit: Courtesy of Creative Commons Zero – CC0

Fatima Durrani, Opinion Editor

  1. A personalized gift basket. Most men absolutely love thoughtful gifts, and if they see that you’ve put in effort to make a gift basket consisting of things he would use (depending on his interests) such as cologne, his favorite candy and a nice pair of sweats, he’s bound to be satisfied. Adding a thoughtful card or handwritten letter on reasons why you love him, along with pictures of you two will make his day unforgettable. Filling up that basket with his favorite items is a great way to do it.
  2. Silver or gold jewelry. Many men enjoy adding accessories to their outfits to spice them up, and chains or rings make the perfect touch. Gold or silver Figaro chains can amp up any of his outfits – and every time he wears it, he will think of you. If you happen to have the funds for it, get him a stunning Gucci ring. Regardless of the company or price, he will love that you got him jewelry that fits his personality.
  3. Cologne. Cologne is a classical and safe option. Everyone loves smelling good, so why not get your man a charming one? You can never go wrong with the Dior Sauvage Cologne considering it’s a bestseller. Nordstrom also offers a variety of different gift sets and clothing you can get him (based on his preferences and taste.)
  4. His favorite food in a heart-shaped box. If you put in the effort to make him chicken wings and place them in a heart-shaped box, he’s definitely winning at life. Or you can simply get him Valentine’s Day themed pizza from a place like Papa John’s. Delish has a variety of different options for food in a heart form you can surprise him with. Or you can make him a personalized candy box by grabbing a plastic container, painting over to personalize it and fill it up with candies he loves.
  5. Custom hoodies or a baseball hat. If he’s the one who loves wearing hoodies or baseball hats, you can easily make custom ones for him and personalize it. It can either be a matching set of hoodies for you two marking your anniversary date, made from Michaels or from a website online. Shops in malls such as the Lids store also offer custom hats.
  6. Bond touch bracelets. For those who are in a long-distance relationship, Bond touch bracelets are the perfect gift to feel the presence of your lover. They work simply by tapping the bracelet, and transporting that tap to someone regardless of their location. offers custom bracelets in different colors, and are offering a 15% discount if you order before Feb. 14.
  7. A matching set of shoes. Or shoes for just him. You can never go wrong with getting a custom-made pair of Converse shoes for the two of you. Or you can treat him to a pair of Air Jordans in his favorite color. Shoes with definitely get a good reaction out of him.
  8. A fancy leather wallet, along with roses and some delicious chocolates. Lots of men are way too loyal to the same wallet they’ve owned for the past few years that’s literally falling apart. Treat him to a high quality wallet from Coach – or even better – you can buy him a personalized wallet with a romantic letter engraved on the inside.
  9. The video game or controller he’s been wanting. This is probably the perfect gift to give him if he’s someone who enjoys video games. You can even add it to a personalized gift basket with other things he likes, like beanies or controller skins. You simply can’t go wrong with getting him the Mario Kart 8 if he doesn’t have it yet.

10. A memorable day/night. Although this is an obvious option, some people focus too much on the gift and fail to realize the moment is what matters. Booking a romantic dinner for the two of you or even just stargazing at night can end off the day with a beautiful memory.