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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Them

Clarissa Arceo
Spring Build-a-Bear stuffed animals just in time for Valentine’s Day. Perfect to match with your non-binary friend or loved one!

When a friend or loved one goes by they/them pronouns, it usually means that they identify as genderqueer or non-binary.

Non-binary folk do not identify as either male or female and go by they/them, whereas those who are genderqueer identify with either she, he or they pronouns.

Finding a gift that is perfect for your they/them friends can be difficult when the most romantic holiday of the year is filled with gender-conformed gifts and media.

So what can you get your non-binary friend or lover?

The obvious answer would be to consider their hobbies and interests; Do they like to read? Are they into sports? Do they prefer arts and crafts? What do they enjoy doing in their free time?

But if you are really stumped for ideas take a look at the list we’ve created for you on 10 potential gift ideas:

1. A cute tote bag. Tote bags are namely queer culture and can be found anywhere; on Etsy, Amazon, Farmer’s Markets, etc. They also help empty your pocket space!

2. Movie marathon gift basket. Who doesn’t enjoy binging their favorite movies or TV shows? And you can’t have a movie marathon without snacks! Get inspired by these pre-made gifts and customize your own.

3. Personalized gift basket. Chapsticks, face masks, snacks, blankets, etc. Your friend will be sure to appreciate the thought of you collecting their favorite things and putting it all together.

4. Stuffed animal. Send a Friend Co. makes for the cutest surprise for your non-binary friends- especially if you are unable to celebrate with them in person. Build-a-bear is also great for customizing their new furry friend!

5. Candles. Zodiac by Bonitaz on Etsy offers the cutest zodiac-themed candles with your choice of scent. You can also visit your local Farmer’s Markets or small business pop-up shops for more candle options.

6. Chocolate or candy. You can’t go wrong with their favorite sweet treats, it is the sweetest day of the year after all.

7. Succulents. Consider stopping by Home Depot or your local Farmer’s Market and picking up a potted friend for your loved one to care for! It can be a succulent, mini cactus, or their favorite flower.

8. Crystal heart boxes. If your non-binary friend is into crystals, many small businesses are offering crystal sets in heart-shaped boxes that are sure to replace the cavities.

9. A date to Color Me Mine. Color Me Mine is an art studio dedicated to allowing its guests to pick their own piece of pottery and paint it! They have studios in Pasadena, Long Beach, Whittier, and Los Angeles!

10. Plan a picnic. Picnics are IN; Purchase a cute blanket and basket, and pack your favorite goodies, card games and drinks to share at your local park or beach and catch up on life.

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About the Contributor
Clarissa Arceo, Community Editor
Clarissa Arceo is Community Editor for Talon Marks covering community news, Life, and arts & entertainment. She is a Journalism major transferring to a 4-year university in the Fall. Aside from reporting, Arceo enjoys photographing community events, reading contemporary romance and psychological fiction novels, and taking trips to the beach.  
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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Them