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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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    Jalen Ramsey is best cornerback in the league

    Jalen Ramsey is the best cornerback in the NFL and isn’t close at all. The overrated and exposed talk needs to be cut out.

    Fans saw a few plays in the playoffs and decided that Ramsey is not as good as people say. These fans are delusional.

    Looking at the stats from the Ramsey vs Ja’Marr Chase Super Bowl matchup it is tough to say that Ramsey really lost the matchup.

    When being guarded by Ramsey Chase only caught two passes for 63 yards. One of those plays being a spectacular 46-yard one handed catch.

    The other was a 17-yard reception on the final drive when Ramsey was playing soft coverage, in an attempt to prevent a deep ball.

    Ramsey was guarding the rookie all throughout the game and Ramsey’s overall coverage was fantastic. There were not a lot of opportunities for Chase to get the ball due to Ramsey’s coverage.

    Only targeted a total of nine times, Ramsey gave up five catches in coverage. He also had a huge pass break up in the end zone.

    Ramsey gave up a total of 160 yards, however, if you take away the fluke 75-yard touchdown from Tee Higgins, that should have been an offensive pass interference then Ramsey realistically only gave up 85 yards.

    A lot of people were talking about the last play of the game when Ramsey fell in coverage while guarding Chase. “If Joe Burrow would have had more time Ramsey would have been toast,” said members of the audience.

    A wise coach once said ‘if my mother had wheels she would be a bike.’ There are no ifs in life. Ifs means nothing and are useless.

    Like the hall of fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp said “the front and the back end work together. If he has no way to see it, he’s not open.”

    The reason the Rams’ defense was so dominant all season was largely due to the performance of Ramsey. Despite the excellent play of the Rams’ defensive line, it helps when you have a defensive back with the caliber of Ramsey.

    Unlike most of the other top cornerbacks in the league, Jalen Ramsey is often put in bad situations and he loves it.

    The all pro doesn’t rely on zone coverage or a safety shading over the top. Ramsey is almost always going up against a team’s number one receiver while on an island.

    Cornerback stats are often misleading. The best cornerbacks usually do not have a lot of stats due to the ball hardly being thrown their way.

    Regardless, Ramsey finished with four interceptions and 16 pass deflections. He allowed a 73.6 passer rating, a 62 completion percentage and three touchdowns all year.

    Ramsey’s most underrated attribute is his tackling. Ramsey finished the year with 77 total tackles and nine tackles for loss. These statistics are outstanding for a corner.

    Whether it was guarding a team’s best receiver or lining up in the nickel, Ramsey was the best defensive back all year.


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    Silas Bravo
    Silas Bravo, Arts & Entertainment Editor
    Silas Bravo is the Arts & Entertainment Editor for Talon Marks. This is Silas’ third semester at Talon Marks. Silas plays football for the Cerritos Falcons and hopes to transfer to a University on an athletic scholarship. Silas loves everything sports and spending time with friends and family.
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    Jalen Ramsey is best cornerback in the league