Falcons volleyball sweeps Long Beach 3-0


Samuel Chacko

After every score, the Falcons huddle up and game plan what their next assignment is during the Sept. 1 game versus Mt. San Jacinto.

Julio Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Julio Rodriguez: The Cerritos College’s volleyball team played against Long Beach on Friday, Oct. 14 in the school gymnasium at 6 p.m. Cerritos came out on top, managing to win 0-3.

The first set proved to be the longest Long Beach was able to keep up as both teams were neck in neck with each other. Kaydence Portillo and Breanna Lizarraga were able to break the tie at the tail end of the game, resulting in Cerritos winning 23-25.

The next two sets proved to be massive losses for Long Beach as the gap between Cerritos grew narrow. The total scores for both sets being 15-25 and 14-25, respectively. With the winning score being 0-3, this marks the third win of the season for Cerritos Falcons.

Speaking with head coach Kari Hemmerling, she laments that she knew that the team had it in them to win but they had to trust in the system they have in place, which is beginning to show off.

“A couple of times in a row and so it’s building their confidence and now they’re playing smoother, better because they are getting the results in the end. They now seen it work,” Hemmerling said.