Cerritos College held job fair; helps students and community


Joel Carpio

This is Lizette Gonzalez; she is the organizer of the event and is the Student Employment Specialist.

Joel Carpio, Staff Writer

Joel Carpio: Cerritos College hosted the job fair event on Oct. 4 and around 100 students showed up to see the jobs that were available.

Many companies showed out for the job fair like Amazon, FedEx, Costco, Chase Bank and Porto’s Bakery & Cafe to name a few.

Lizette Gonzalez the organizer of the event affirmed that this job fair isn’t just for students of Cerritos college it’s also for members of the community in Cerritos.

“It’s important we keep having these events for students and for the Cerritos community to help them find jobs and find the resources they’re looking for,” Lizette Gonzalez said.

Many students who attended the job fair already have a job. Many said they wanted to explore what career paths are out there and to gather more information on different employers.

Both students and the Cerritos community said it is much easier to find a job through these events as opposed to applying online.

The job is a great opportunity for students and members of the community to get their name out there to companies who are looking for new employees.

Joel Carpio, Talon Marks.