Transcript: Cerritos College students hesitant about voting for Trump


Samuel Chacko

David Vulsaro gave his reasons why he won’t be voting on Trump in the 2024 elections on Nov. 23.

Samuel Chacko and Lukas Luna-Arellano

Samuel Chacko: Just say your name and your major.

David Matthew Vulsaro: My name is David Matthew Vulsaro. I’m a Math major and planning on becoming a Math teacher.

Samuel Chacko: Okay, Trump said that he’s planning on running in 2024, are you planning on voting for him? Who are you going to be voting for in 2024? Why or why not?

David Vulsaro: I don’t know who any of the other candidates are going to be but I know I won’t be voting for Trump. I didn’t vote for him last time, I won’t be voting for him again.

Lukas Luna-Arellano: Any strong reasons why you’re not voting for Trump?

David Vulsaro: No strong reason why except I’m a Democrat and he’s a Republican and there’s a lot of things I don’t agree with.

Edgar: My name is Edgar and I’m a Theater Arts major.

Samuel Chacko: Okay, you can ask the question if you want.

Lukas Luna-Arellano: Alright Edgar, as you probably know, Trump announced he’s going to run again in 2024, do you think you support him?

Edgar: Nah

Lukas Luna-Arellano: Any strong reasons why?

Edgar: Honestly, personally, I don’t really care about any of the politics or Trump like that.

Lukas Luna-Arellano: Any reasons why you don’t care about politics? Did you got burned out or he just never appealed to you?

Edgar: I’m just not interested. I just know that America’s coming down period and that’s just in my opinion.

We keep getting worse, we’re starting to be controlled, the only way we can stay in power and to be normal is if we all come together and like file complaints or something.

Lukas Luna-Arellano: And that’s your coming together like getting together and filing complaints or what do you think like filing complaints entails?

Edgar: Honestyl, because if we just keep getting controlled, you’re just going to see the city being looted, it’s going to start all over again.

Looted, destruction and then we’re going to start riots because it’s too much.

Lukas Luna-Arellano: If we don’t band together we’re going to like flame out in like out of control?

Edgar: Yeah, maybe. There are some people that do it like how it was back then in the 1990s.

Lukas Luna-Arellano: Do you think the riot of 2020 kind of echoed the riots of the 90s?

Edgar: Just a little bit, partially, not fully.

Lukas Luna-Arellano: But do you think maybe that’s the first sign of like a decline back into that type of mindset?

Edgar: Yeah.