Informal Dance Concert transcript

Julio Rodriguez and Joel Carpio

Joel Carpio: The Dance Department held its annual Informal Dance concert on December 9 at the Dance Studio Building Room 101.

The concert featured up to 15 dances with many of them being student choreographed, showing off a bit of their personalities.

The concert also showed off the progression from the dance classes, including Dance Improvisation and Choreography.

The styles of dances ranged from a Bollywood type of dance, slow contemporary dance, ballet, and Zumba showcase where audience members were able to join in.

Julio Rodriguez: The main purpose of the event is to show off what the students have learned in class and show their moves in front of an audience. Speaking with Rebekha Hathaway, she laments about the dance department moving forward.“

Since getting these new facilities I have seen the students improve … they’re clear, they’re strong, they’re determined and I think I just want to enable them to come back even more.”

Joel Carpio: Joel Carpio,

Julio Rodriguez: Julio Rodriguez,

Joel Carpio: Talon Marks.