Artists Society plays water pong in Hoe Down Days

Victor Diaz

The Cerritos College Artists Society did their part by raising funds during Hoe Down Days.

The Artists Society held a water pong booth as an alternative to the popular game.

The cost to play was 50 cents for six balls and one dollar for 12 balls.

Some of the prizes that were given away included stuffed bears and dogs as well as toy cars.
The object of the game is to bounce the given balls into a group of cups that are filled with water. The more balls that are made determine the prize that is received.

If a ball lands in cup number one, you receive the grand prize, which was a stuffed bear.

If a ball lands in cup number two, you receive a stuffed whale, which is the medium prize. The small prize, which is awarded when a ball lands in cup number three, is a choice of assorted toys.

Artists Society member Edson Martinez said, “We pretty much made this at the last minute, but it ended up doing well.”

According to Artists Society President Galileo Gonzalez, water pong was chosen as the club’s activity due to its popularity. “We threw out a bunch of ideas, and apparently, mine was the most popular idea,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez also goes on to mention the importance of getting the club recognized across campus. “Basically, we’re just trying to get our name out for our club because most people don’t know we exist. The reason that we do this is to try to get the word out and let people know there’s an art club.” Gonzalez said.