A Day in the Life of Luis: Purgatory?


Rebecca Aguila

“A Day in the Life of Luis” is a weekly personal column written by Luis Lemus.

Luis Lemus, Co-Sports Editor

Man, wasn’t that spring break fun?

Of course I am saying that sarcastically.

But look at it from a distance, at least we are still alive. At least I am led to believing so.

Wait a minute, is this all a sick joke of being stuck in purgatory where I can look through the windows but not touch whatever is on the other side?

It has been a whirlwind week but I am on cloud nine with my acceptance letter from the first school on the list of the schools I have to attend. What school might that be? Stay tuned.

Being in a forced quarantine fucking sucks but it is for our own good to keep a safe distance from the other.

In my case, it made for a roller coaster of a week that began with the low of the coronavirus extending the break and causing the cancellation of a trip to El Salvador.

It was then lowered even more when being told my case of nystagmus, causing the eyes to be offset, is a familiar side effect that is caused by the multiple sclerosis disease.

What is nystagmus?

According to Google it is “the involuntary eye movement which may cause the eye to rapidly move from side to side, up and down, or in a circle, and may slightly blur vision.”

It is the main culprit behind my squinting eyes to “focus” on the board “better”.

It didn’t work much but I did try. My doing so was even spotted by a professor who asked me if I would prefer to go closer to the board, which I politely declined as it would be a complicated mess in replying “yes” to would become.

Thank goodness for the ability of tests being blown up by the staff at DSPS.

Getting updates from the score is great, as it keeps us up to date on issues the school is choosing to provide for each and every one of the student population and staff.

Fast forward to last Thursday when I opened my email and a letter from the school of my preference, Cal State Fullerton notifies me that they have accepted my application for the fall semester.

If this is purgatory please let me stay since I have been working my best to get to this point.

An up and down week ending with the best news I could have received.

I don’t think I could have hit the “accept offer” any faster if I had to.

Good things do come to those who wait AND are patient.

Good luck to all Falcons family. We only have nine more weeks to go after the upcoming week off.