Rose Buds: The ultimate stoner playlist


Rebecca Aguila

“Rose Buds” is a cannabis-friendly column intended for readers 21 years and older. We encourage only legal and responsible enjoyment of all cannabis products.

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All stoners can appreciate a fantastic “stoney baloney” music playlist!
The great thing about ganja, is that it automatically makes you feel the need to hum a tune that’s been in your head all day or sometimes a song will just pop into your thoughts as soon as you’re ready to roll up a stogie.

Music comforts every stoner whenever they’re catching a sesh by themselves or with their friends.

All set aside, it’s a great way to elevate your cannabis experience with some great music in hand.

Sometimes vibing by yourself is the best thing after a long day and cannabis and music seem to be the perfect pair to end your long day.

Here some great playlists to give a listen to while beginning to spark up.


Rebecca’s Playlist

2 a.m- Slightly Stoopid

Sounds and feels like a happy song but the meaning of this song is trippy.

This specific song is about how the police raids him every time by using infrared helicopter cameras. These cameras detect high amounts of heat. Many of these growers were captured because of how much of a hot spot high temperature heat lamps produce when growing stalks of cannabis plants.

The Soft Parade- The Doors

Long songs are always the best if you’re enjoying a nice burning joint or blunt.

Song goes from Jim being very poetic as per usual, goes into 70’s pop culture vibe with psychedelic guitars, kind of like a trippy Brady Bunch intro, then ends with the classic Doors sound with Rob Kriegers mind-bending guitar riffs.

This song will definitely help you find that specific sanctuary you’re looking for with your ganja.

As per usual, The Doors never fail.

Uptown Top Ranking- Althea and Donna

A great way to end your session with some Althea and Donna, a female reggae duo whos popular song always makes anyone want to move their hips.

This slow and steady reggae beat will definitely have the stoner girls up and dancing with their cannabis in hand.

The groovy beat and the vocals are at a perfect pitch which allows your ear, mind and body feel the music immensely.


Kianna’s Playlist

Field Medic’s Discography

I’m not going to lie, Buds: I’ve been a lot happier these days.

With these happy thoughts and a greater appreciation for the world around me, my daily walks around the block have been accompanied by my newfound favorite artist, Field Medic.

Field Medic’s music is best described as “modern indie folk” and is best enjoyed for the stoner who likes to be at peace with nature.

The tunes are mostly uplifting and easy to listen to but even the sadder songs somehow make you feel okay. Overall, listen to Field Medic when you’re ready to experience what it’s like to live in an indie coming-of-age movie starring Michael Cera.

Head Over Heels -Tears For Fears, Dave Bascombe

Take all the best parts of cannabis and add 80’s New Wave to it.

This type of music is best enjoyed when you’re literally just “vibing” whether it be with yourself or with people around.

Even with an upbeat synth and futuristic aesthetic, New Wave has a way of either grounding you back to Earth or tripping you out into space. Either way, enjoy.

Physical Graffiti – Led Zeppelin

Everyone knows this album has to be included in any “ultimate stoner playlist” as it’s (literally) a classic.

For starters, the album’s length can last the whole sesh (maybe even longer) so the enjoyer should feel no need to reach for their phone and queue up other songs.

Zeppelin’s got you covered, love. Relax. Allow yourself to really feel the music, appreciate the sound of that electric guitar and fully discover why Steven Hyde from That 70’s Show chose to be a die-hard Zeppelin fan.

Listening to Zeppelin makes me feel confident, creative and powerful and it is these feelings that make others suggest that the album is best paired with Sativa.