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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Rose Buds: The games of 420

Rebecca Aguila
“Rose Buds” is a cannabis-friendly column intended for readers 21 years and older. We encourage only legal and responsible enjoyment of all cannabis products.

Hey, Buds!

Since this quarantine took place, this has been the perfect time to get 420-friendly and dabble in the marijuana community!

This week’s column is dedicated to games that you can play while enjoying weed.

We’re both highlighting the most popular games to play while we’re all in this lockdown together.

Taxi (Holding your smoke in the longest)

There are many other interpretations of this game but “Taxi” is the most commonly-found name.

The point is to hold your smoke as long as possible.

In other words, you take a hit of your ganja and pass the joint, bong, whatever your toking with around the circle until it comes back to you.

If you can’t hold your smoke, or you choke, before the bud gets back to you, you’re out.

There are endless variations of this game so make up your own rules for even more fun.

This game can be pretty fun and a bit challenging if you’ve got 4 or more players, or if you really suck at holding your breath, so plan accordingly!

Universe Shuffle

This one honestly might seem a little dumb at first but I promise it takes the right headspace to truly enjoy this game.

This game is all about predictions and receiving “answers” from “the Universe.”

Basically, the person asking the question chooses another person to be the one to put their music on shuffle.

The question is directed at the person playing the music, and can be anything like “What is your deepest fear?” or “This next song will describe the person you have a crush on.”

The person then puts their music on shuffle and the first song to play is “the answer.” The group then has to decipher what it really means. It continues on like this.

It’s honestly a really weird game and definitely needs the right type of group for it. But if everyone’s already having a great time, why not just allow ourselves to be a little dumb once in a while?

This game can be perfect for those passionate about astrology and general spirituality as well.


Sit in a circle with your weed at the ready. Everyone puts their head down or just looks at their feet, someone will start counting and on three everyone looks up and stares at another player.

If you’re looking at someone who is NOT looking at you, you’re safe.

If you’re looking at someone who IS looking at you, shout “Medusa!”, fire up your joint and take a hit.

The Relating Game

In the game, a player has to choose two random words for the next player. That player then has to tell a story about how the two words are related to each other.

For example, the first player chooses “drums and potatoes.”

The next player can then simply say “a drum makes a beat, which sounds like the other word for the vegetable, “beet.” A beet grows in the ground, just like a potato. Done. Easy.

Of course, the challenge could become quite difficult and some stories go on longer than others. But it’s a fun game that involves creativity and story-telling so why not give it a try?

This game is also perfect to play when sober and waiting in long lines. When we were able to wait in long lines, that is.

Straight-Faced Stoner

Before you start, agree on a penalty (rolling the next joint from their own stash, take a dab or buy pizza).

Then, the players get high.

When everyone kind of forgets the game and does their own thing, call out “straight face stoner!” then everyone must stop what they are doing and make a straight face.

If someone smiles, grins, or even laughs, then they lose!

Online Monopoly

Again, I know this might sound dumb, but you don’t know fun until you’ve stayed up until 3 a.m. playing Monopoly online with your friends and are all clowning on the person who is about to go “bankrupt.”

No, this is not the same as regular Monopoly.

Of course the rules are the same but the animations and sound effects within the online game make it so much more enjoyable.

A big plus is the fact that all the money counting is done automatically and there is no way to cheat.

So take the amazing feeling that cannabis may provide with this already-super-fun game and you’re in for a great night. I think that’s all the explaining that is needed.

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About the Contributors
Rebecca Aguila
Rebecca Aguila, Multimedia Editor
Rebecca Aguila is the currently Multi-media editor and is a 22-year-old student who is majoring Journalism who is set to graduate Spring 2021. Her dream is to create a multi-media production company that is internationally available for an array of content creators. She is a lover of all types of food and will eventually be the creator and producer of food documentary series that highlights the authentic dishes throughout the world.
Kianna Znika
Kianna Znika, Editor in Chief
Kianna Znika is the current Editor-in-Chief for Talon Marks and previously worked as the News & Community Editor. Her goal is to work for any publication that values nature, mental health, community and the overall wellbeing of others. When she's not working on a news story or sharing her unfiltered opinion with the world, she enjoys reading/writing, hanging out with friends, and taking care of her dog, geckos, and indoor plants.
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Rose Buds: The games of 420