Rose Buds: The Trap truck

The essentials for all stoners on wheels!


Rebecca Aguila

The Trap truck can be found in Los Angeles, CA. Here, a customer can find all their cannabis needs including THC-infused exotic drinks.

Rebecca Aguila and Kianna Znika

Something is lurking on the street of Los Angeles that is destined to be met by a stoner who either forgot their lighters or is in some dire need of international munchies!

Don’t fear! The Trap truck is here!

Yes, you read right! All the stoner necessities to make your smoke sesh more memorable without having to worry if you’ve come prepared.

It’s stepping up the cannabis accessory trend in Los Angeles where rare flavors of tobacco Backwoods are found as well as internationally-imported rare drinks that not many can find in this United States.

Some of these rare drinks are mixed into cannabis syrups where one can enjoy a cannabis-infused drink that could be from Japan or Russia.

This makes cannabis a bit more fun and steers away from the usual tradition of smoking blunts or joints, which seems to be the most favorable way to enjoy cannabis.

However, the legalization of cannabis opened the door for many new ways to incorporate the plant into our life creatively.

So why not “take a tour of the world” with some exotic THC-infused drinks?

Some of these exotic drinks can range from $5 a bottle to $30, depending on how rare the drink is.

The rare drinks usually come from Korea or Japan.

With all these options, it’s clear to see that The Trap truck is unlike any other dispensary; this is for the stoner who wishes to add more to their cannabis experience and try new things.

One of the best flavors was the Watermelon Pineapple fusion which was from the brand, Faygo.

You get a strong taste of watermelon, and then the pineapple just comes and rushes over your tongue for an epic fusion of two of the best summer fruits ever.

The perfect choice into tropical flavor with your cannabis!