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Rose Buds Radio: Universal benefits, with new guest speaker

Rebecca Aguila
“Rose Buds” is a cannabis-friendly column intended for readers 21 years and older. We encourage only legal and responsible enjoyment of all cannabis products.

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In this episode of Rose Buds Radio, we discuss the universal benefits of cannabis and share personal experiences.
KIANNA: Well welcome back, Buds. This is Rose Buds. I’m Kianna.

REBECCA: and I’m Rebecca.

KIANNA: So today we actually have a special guest. It’s one of my good friends Victoria Nicholls. I’m going to pass it off to you.

VICTORIA: Hello. My name is Victoria. I am a former journalist, actually. I had worked for the Fullerton College Hornet for one semester, did a lot of entertainment and I’ve always been interested in doing podcasts and this is a subject I have a lot of thoughts and feelings on so I’m happy I got invited on. Thank you guys so much.

KIANNA: This is going to be great. Well, we’re lucky to have another bud in here. So Rose Buds is of course again dedicated to keeping the spirit of 420 alive. So speaking of 420, how was everyone’s April?

VICTORIA: That was a rough one for me.

KIANNA: What about you, Becky?

REBECCA: Sorry, I thought she was going to keep going. My bad. April is not that bad, I mean working with Talon Marks especially, I feel like I’m getting the hang of being more of a managing editor and trying to just be there more. I started working right in the middle of Talon Marks. So right away I started giving Kiki a hard time and I thought I was going to be there but for some reason when this quarantine happened, you know, there’s pros and cons to it. And I feel like this has actually brought our newspaper together, you know, and we’re actually communicating ten times more than we used to, we’re producing much more content. We’re gaining so much more social media audience. So it’s good and bad and April is really showing off what Talon Marks can do and that’s one thing I have to give a shout out to Talon Marks because I feel like we’re actually getting our crap together.

KIANNA: Yeah for lack of better words. You know, I actually, I was in an Advisory Board meeting last night and I quote-on-quote literally said “we’re killing it” to a bunch of different professors and like I think the Editor in Chief from 2010 too so that was fun. Yeah, I’m going to do the shameless plug in here. If you guys haven’t checked out the pdf version of our print yet, please please please go on to Talonmarks.com. It is amazing. It is showing all the best of April stories and we had a lot of news coming, especially we have the full campus closure story. We have the new Cerritos College Police Captain. We have so much more, it’s a great historical record. And of course, we still have our Weekly Newsletter. Gets sent out every Monday, but not to bore you guys. I know you’re here for one thing and one thing only: Rose Buds. So Becky won’t you give us a kind of a brief summary of what we’re going to talk about today.

REBECCA: So ladies and gents, we are basically going to be talking about how cannabis is universal, Universal in the entire world. I mean people were using it before it was even known to to be known to be what it is today as like the ultimate relaxer for everybody to get their mind off things off like a long day at work or whatever. So, you know, cannabis is not just known for just smoking, you know, it has a whole bunch of like scientifically proven remedies, but it helps out with I mean, it doesn’t cure anything, it helps cope, it helps calm down like seizures and all that but it’s not proof to like, you know hundred percent prove it like, you know, ‘oh, you know, you’re cured from like whatever,’ you know, if you have it’s not like that, but it it does tame it. So.

We’re going to be basically talking about that. We’re going to be touching subjects about food make up, medicinal, spiritual and entertainment stuff like that. So be prepared for this is going to be a pretty lengthy podcast and I’m excited because we have a guest speaker. So this makes it 10 times better. So without further due we’re going to start off with food. Have you guys been to the new Cannabis Cafe here in Hollywood?

VICTORIA: I have not. I have not. I made plans, well not made plans, but I’ve talked casually with friends like we should definitely go and now, you know, that’s kind of put on hold. I think that is so cool though so you can bring it near your own cannabis if you choose or they have a list of stuff you can order which I think is really really cool for if you know you’re in the mood for something or if you know like a certain strain gets you a certain way, you know, I think that’s a very cool option.

REBECCA: Yeah. The only thing is, Victoria, that they charge you for if you want to bring your cannabis in. Yeah, I went there with our last year’s editor-in-chief Jasmine Martinez and we were like, oh my gosh, it’s $30 per person if you want to bring in your own cannabis, so you literally have to buy what they have there, which is like eh, you know, it’s a downside but I mean, they’re taking all the necessary precautions.

VICKI: Yeah, that’s true. That’s a very very good point.

KIANNA: And like at that point, I think that option should only be for people who one, like if you know that certain strains kind of don’t fit well with you just yet. Maybe you’re just getting started. So you have that I guess that one type of weed that you go for, that you trust, then yeah at that point then do pay for your own weed. The only other way I would see this being beneficial if maybe you just enjoy your weed so much and at that point, you’re just paying for the experience of being in a nice restaurant because it’s nice, right? Is it nice in there?

REBECCA: It’s beautiful. It’s ike a jungle, I kid you not. The first thing you notice, oh let me silence my phone. The first thing you notice is how it’s in a a super busy part of “Hollyweird” and I’m gonna say “Hollyweird.” Once you enter this establishment, you’re blown away of how beautifully decorated it is and you feel like you’re in a different part of LA, like you’re in the Hills area or something and it’s just all you see is plants. Kiki, you would love it. I kid you not, all you see is plants. Green, green, green. That’s all you see.

KIANNA: That sounds amazing and you know speaking of just the universal benefits of marijuana in general when we’re relating it to food, it almost makes you appreciate food a lot more you do you see it as kind of yes, this is not only an art but this is the energy that’s going to fuel me. Not to be cheesy or anything but it kind of is like that that scene in Ratatouille. You know what I mean?

VICTORIA: You know how I feel about that movie.

KIANNA: But seriously, and then this is kind of dipping into the health,I guess topic too, but if you struggle with eating, marijuana can help with that. It has helped calm down nausea for me. If anyone else wants to like share their experiences with that too.

VICTORIA: You know, I’m very very open. I’ve been dealing with constant, constant daily nausea for I’m not kidding you six years and yeah, that’s part of the reason me and Rebecca were having a conversation before we started recording about how we can’t eat breakfast in the morning and that’s kind of part of the reason is that all day everyday I am so nauseous and if there’s something I can calm down that nausea so I can actually eat and nourish my body, I’m all for it, you know, especially if it does work for me.

REBECCA: Yeah, definitely. Sorry, what were you going to say, Kiki?

KIANNA: Sorry, I was going to say the same thing. I was really going to say in that point, you know, you’re not enjoying cannabis just so you can quote-on-quote party or chase a certain high. You’re just doing it because it genuinely does help you. It is almost therapeutic.

VICTORIA: Yeah. It’s definitely helpful. Go ahead, Rebecca.

REBECCA: I agree with you both 100%. I suffer from like really bad cramps. So at first I used to use birth control to cope with it and recently I got off of it because it was just taking too much of a toll on my body and I’ve been off of it for about 3 months now and it’s, I’m still trying to get used to not being on it and when I was using birth control, it tamed my cramps, which I was like, okay, you know, there’s a, I mean there’s a pro to it. You know, it’s not as bad as it used to be when I was in high school and when I get cramps, the pain spreads all the way to my thighs and it’s like the most severe pain I could ever experience in my life. I mean, I don’t want to necessarily say it feels close to like giving birth, but it’s super painful. So now, it’s more of a way to like cope and tame, you know, the severe pain that I get from like the cramps and you know being on your menstrual cycle, so it helps out, you know,.

KIANNA: Yeah, and you know, thank you for sharing that experience, too.

VICTORIA: Yeah. That’s rough, though. That’s so rough.

KIANNA: You know, this is a very very open conversation, but I actually really appreciate it and I hope a lot of our readers appreciate it, too. I hope some are actually able to relate to us and know that we are here, you know, other than physical pains too, I I found that marijuana can greatly greatly help with any emotional, mental issues as well. How do you guys feel about that?

VICTORIA: For sure, like I know it helps a lot a lot with anxiety and I’m not too sure exactly how that works, sometimes. You know, because sometimes the same strain will cause different effects on anxiety. So it’s kind of a gamble sometimes.

REBECCA: Yeah, that’s one thing I do recommend. If you do prefer anyone that’s listening, you know, sometimes cannabis is not the best for everybody. I know there’s a lot of people who are discovering that yes, I have anxiety. How do I cope with this? Oh! Cannabis, it helps everything but there are people who use it and it’s just it’s not the best for them. It could actually just counter-react to whatever you’re feeling. Like it could make you feel ten times worse than you were feeling before so it’s good to take small dosages before if you dabble and not just go straight into it, you know so.

VICTORIA: And for the love of God, don’t do it alone if you’re doing it for the first time.

REBECCA: Do not do it alone! That’s one thing!

VICTORIA: If you get nothing else from this particular episode, do not do it alone.

REBECCA: So that’s one thing we want to highlight.

KIANNA: And that’s the same, you know, for like any psychedelic, too. You have to really kind of know what you’re getting yourself into. Of course marijuana, itself, is not that extreme but you know, it is.

VICTORIA: You feel like it sometimes.

KIANNA: Yeah! But I was going to say, so well for starters I would like to agree that weed is not for everyone, you know.

VICTORIA: It’s not a miracle drug, unfortunately, yeah.

KIANNA: Yeah and you know what there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. If you don’t want to smoke it or if you’ve tried and it’s just not your thing. That is, that’s fine, you know, but too, what I have learned, so let’s say I have a friend. My friend used to get really really bad anxiety, no matter which strain she kind of partook in, but now as she’s been kind of working on herself and doing different things and I guess appreciating cannabis more, she’s realized that it does not give her anxiety. It actually helps her with her anxiety. And I was just, you guys are going to love this, I was just finishing up the episode of The Midnight Gospel.


VICOTIRA: Oh my God. I need to start that.

KIANNA: It’s amazing. The first episode, it is straight up like says like they’re talking about anxiety with, you know, enjoying the different let’s say psychedelics, but they were saying like, you know, maybe it’s not the drug itself. Maybe it’s just that the drug is showing you that you might have some inner things to work on. So they almost kind of came to peace with the anxiety that they would feel and it’s kind of showed up as a little mental checkpoint for them. And when I heard that.

REBECCA: I saw that episode too. It was kind of recommending, saying like do not think that the drug is going to help you if you use a drug and you don’t feel the same that there is more underlying problems that you need to work within yourself. Like that’s what I understood from that episode. Like I don’t know if you, I don’t know if the audience, I mean the view, audience members my bad.

VICTORIA: What do you call them? Listeners?

REBECCA: The listeners. I think you guys should really watch this. My boyfriend showed me it to it. We both, you know suffer from anxiety. And that’s one thing that we both watch to get our mind off of it and it helps so much right now. I’m on the, we’re just going to start the fourth episode. So it’s, it’s amazing. He kind of showed me it like yesterday and then we started binge watching it this morning at 6. At around 6.

KIANNA: That’s an awesome way to start your day.

VICTORIA: Yeah, wow. Good morning.

REBECCA: Exactly. So it’s amazing. So we’re going to touch back on the food. I love this. I love this. So we’re going to go super quick, so food. I want to discuss the fact that now there’s more chefs using it in the recipes and now there’s shows on Vice where they actually show you how they’re going to incorporate cannabis into the dishes where you can still feel the same effects of it without smoking. It’s called Bong Appetit, literally B-O-N-G Appetit and it is the most amazing show ever. It makes you hungry, the host looks stoned 24/7 and he gets to eat good food and you get to see these people who work with chemistry to get to extract, you know, all the THC from the cannabis. It’s amazing. A lot of people fail to realize that cannabis is science, like it’s chemistry. It’s amazing.

VICTORIA: Yeah, for sure like all organic organisms for sure. But especially something like cannabis that has so many different benefits and so many different uses as well.

REBECCA: Yes. Yeah. So we touched up onHollywood, on Lowell’s Cafe, which is the first-ever Cannabis Cafe. So they were originally called Lowell’s. So, but then I guess like a couple months ago, they changed to OG Cannabis Cafe. So if you guys, the viewers, try to look up Lowell’s, you’re not going to find the Cannabis Cafe. You’re just going to find the marijuana brand, just a heads up. Next up we’re going to touch-up is makeup. So ladies, I don’t know about you, but I love me a good shimmery highlight on my cheekbones after I do a good beat on my face.

VICTORIA: It is stunning to say the very least.

KIANNA: You know this topic, I was actually almost more excited to listen to because I’ve never thought about it with with makeup. So I don’t know if you guys want to just like talk to me about that.

VICTORIA: I’ve never used it on my actual face. So the day before my birthday in the past year back when we were still allowed outside, I went to the NYX stand and the lady there showed me a primer and a highlight that had cannabis in it and it made my skin look so dewy and glowy, I just loved it, but I never went back for it unfortunately.

REBECCA: I haven’t really tried anyting, cannabis-related cosmetics, but I’ve heard good stuff. So I’m just going to tell you about this highlight that I found on the internet super quick. So this brand is called B****-slap cosmetics. And they use, let me see where I found it. They have an entire line dedicated to cannabis. These highlighters are $25 a piece and they don’t contain like any weed at all. So it’s mostly just to CBD. So it’s more of like the replenishing chemical of cannabis.

KIANNA: Nice! Well I definitely have to look into that then. So because this one took a little bit longer, I would like everyone to just like share a final thought, like maybe their favorite use of cannabis. Maybe their favorite effect on the world. I do really, really appreciate the spiritual benefits of cannabis. I do believe there’s a reason why it’s called getting high but that’s what it really really I guess stands out to me. If anyone else wants to share what it means to them.

VICTORIA: I would say spiritual, yes. And also the health benefits honestly, like life-changing would be I feel inappropriate because it’s not a good enough word.

REBECCA: Yes, you literally took the words out of my mouth. I know, more or less, I agree with both you guys. I mean just to dim it down a bit more for anybody else. I love the fact that it’s just, you could enjoy with anybody. I mean those, anybody that’s willing to be open to it. You know, it makes you feel good. It makes you happy. I mean there are times where you have nobody else and that’s the only thing where to get your mind off things that are bothering, you know, you put some music on, you roll yourself up a joint and you put some actually good music on. You’re like living the life and then you grab yourself some food. You have yourself a little day, you treat yourself, you know, it was there for you when nobody else was, you know,

VICTORIA: For sure. For sure.

KIANNA: I love that and speaking of music, Rose Buds. We do have a written column on its way. We’re going to be giving you guys the best albums to listen to while you enjoy some cannabis. So thank you guys again for joining us. I’m Kianna.

REBECCA: And I’m Rebecca.

VICTORIA: I’m Vicki.

REBECCA: Thank you. Thank you for listening, guys. Make sure to tune in next week for another segment of Rose Buds. Have a great weekend!


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